Pussycat Beef of the Day

October 15th, 2008

I didn’t know Kim Kardashian was a Pussycat Doll.

Ummm, yeah no Nicole. N-O. No.

OK … she’s obviously a very pretty girl. Why try so hard?


It’s good to try hard in some things. Like in school or in sports or being healthy. But in fashion, trying too hard is just bad.

The black rubber thing is too much, looks uncomfortable and is definitely making her butt sweat. Seriously, rubber isn’t absorbent … So where’s all that butt sweat gonna go? Right down the back of her pretty little legs and into those funky shoes, that’s where. Gross.

And speaking of shoes … I love heels, but nothing would get me into those things. Is she on house arrest? The ankle chunkiness is not hot.

Pretty + Trying Hard to Look Hot = NOT


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malissia Said on

PLEASE!! that dress is BANGIN!!! now thats what u call a FREAK-UM DRESS!

Andrea Said on


LAuren Said on

Common BET if Beyonce had on the same dress you would be loving it. Who writes this stuff? they are very biased and should take the journalist approach and be fair.

Marquaysa Said on

“Seriously, rubber isn’t absorbent … So where’s all that butt sweat gonna go? Right down the back of her pretty little legs and into those funky shoes, that’s where. Gross.”

Lol. THAT WAS FUNNY KADI!! Lol. And to the Lauren chick?? Grlll, quit playing. I’m a Bey-Bey FANATIC and I wouldn’t hesitate to check her for wearing that ish!! And just to prove MY point: lol…you’re talking about how we’d be lovin it if Beyonce was wearing that dress. But we usually love what BEY wears because she WEARS FRESH ISH!! The point is: She AINT wearin that black rubber ducky shizz up there because why?? ITS FRICKIN UGLLY!! lol. We’re not being biased—we just know what looks good and what doesn’t.

Nicole?? Try [LESS] harder next time. You may do well.

LAuren Said on

Girl you need to check it, when Beyonce did her last CD B’Day she wore some rubber pants with gloves and plastic looking heels. Sweetie check it! Do not be upset at me just because your name will never get you any further than where you are now. Beyonce looks crazy and overdone half the time Kadi and you are just New Yorkers and try to convince yourselves that Bey is too, she’s a Texan like me….

natata1 Said on


Mizz Karma Said on

The oputfit is well put together, most celebs can’t or don’t want to match. But the shiny-ness of the dress is not my style. I don’t really like sumthin about Nicole.

S, line Said on

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aquama Said on

Da dress is bangin’. I don’t see nobody talkin’ bout those liquid leggins’
It do seem like kadi be hatin’ on nicole:)

toby Said on

i thnk the gurl looks stunning okkkkkay. yall need to leave my boo nicole alone bc she looks stunning and u others are haters…kadi is a hater…lemme c u squeeze in some rubber and look that fierce gurlfren…!!

prettygyrl Said on

Honestly, everyone has there own taste on what is cute and whats not. I think she looks great in this outfit. Can’t anybody where this dress you have to make sure you have the right body in order to rock this outfit the way she did. Who are we to say whats looks good and whats not. This is part of being a beautiful girl and different from your average looking girl because everyone cant be beautiful and rock this the way she did.

crazie Said on

i lov dat dress i would wear dat @ freak um dress party

Mama Chase Said on

The dress is cool but the shoes gosta go. Ur shoes gotta be poppin like the dress and like another comment mentioned those ankles look a lil chunky. Either way everyone has their own style and I think she rocked it. Where she messed up is posing like that. She looks sumthin like a Kim K but her booty ain’t that big so y is she sticking it out like that???

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