Pussycat Straddles Fashion & Fetish

September 19th, 2008

Nicole Scherzinger puts the SEX in sexy.

As much as I think her dress is tacky and cheap-looking, she looks gorg.

Nicole Scherzinger

Beautiful face. Head full of healthy hair. She can sing and dance. Up there in age and body still bootylicious. Makeup always on point. Shoe collection dope.

Nicole Scherzinger

The girl is bad. And I know she feels so sexy right now.

Nicole Scherzinger

It’s back shot photos like this that always make me swear I’m going to stop cutting my hair. Then I see another fly photo of Rihanna and … you know.

What’s your style verdict?

Stylish or sluttish?

Can I say both? Like stylish in a sluttish kind of way…

I can dig it.


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danielle Said on

she looks like kim kar-slut-ian

danielle Said on

she look like kim kar-slut-ian

Jhae Said on

Stylish ina sluty way definately.. which is an acceptable look. she looks good. its not like its an outrageous outfit!! her hair and make up is lovely. shes got the figure to squeeze and i mean SQUEEZE in2 that tite dress! must be a gud thing lol

aquama Said on

She looks great, its not no worse than that Hilton girl’s outfit

la la Said on

she looks hot. but when did the age of 30 become old. she is still young in my eyes. If that’s the case, half of Hollywood are ancient dinosaurs.

b chanel Said on

She is sooooooo under-rated! Kudos to our hometown of Louisville, KY…..

Big Ael Said on

Amazing…I seemed to see she had a personal account on the tall dating club :_____tallloving.com____ for hot guys and girls to hook up for TALL Love and Sexy Dating. Her blog was updated very often. Lots of guys joined in her friend circle there.

Maria Said on

I think she looks good. She was at an entertainment event, so therefore she had to dress her best. Which means that those of you who are hating because you aren’t blessed to look just as good need to STOP!

Jay Said on

Shiny = first step to looking cheap.
Work on it babe.

eva jones Said on

why does this woman keep wearing all this latex?

these stars have all this money and still find the most horrible gets up to wear. Is it a gimmick or is it just always “business”?

Mi$$ Ki$$ Said on

SEXY SEXY SEXY….everything from the color, the fit, the dress is FREAK-N-UM!! and i see u sweety, somebody’s been doin they SQUATS!….the second photo look like her foot finna break off tho!

joey Said on

Boy, if she farts in that tight plastic……..

Andrea Said on

This is a beautiful women, who carry so much power, u are superwomen. Keep up the wonderful work, she looks GREAT!

xavier Said on

she looks lovely..she is just being who she is.she a very beautiful keep up the good work.They may look alike but we all kno who is who.

keep doing what u do kim dont have nothing on it
love ya xavier…..

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