Solange Gives Me Nightmares

August 27th, 2008

Hairy, scary ankle boots by Sergio Rossi …

Ew. Whose hair piece is that on these boots?

Anyone out there missing a bob wig?


Am I the only one who’s completely creeped out by these ug monsters?

Of course “Little Miss Different” was caught red handed sporting this Sergio Rossi design. This girl just loves to keep us buzzing about her fashion choices, doesn’t she? It’s one thing to set a trend and another to display bad taste and call it fashion.

Price tag: $910

Solange, unless you are morphing into some sort of furry beast, this is unacceptable.

That is all.


Dress is cute. Bag is cute cute. Shoes have got to go.


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Shonnie Said on

LOL. She did mess that up with those boots but the dress and bag are cute. She is different and that’s cool. We all have made bad fashion choices…more than once in life. Leave her alone. She’s cute

yvonne Said on

Ok! This is clear part woman and stallion . I don’t like them maybe with some fitted pants or something I am from sAINT lOUIS AND i JUST CAN’T SAY THEY ARE CUTE IF SOMEONE HAD THEM ON . ALL i CAN SAY IS hEEEE,hAW!!!!!

Marquaysa Said on

Dress?? Freakin FRESH. Bag?? Freakin flyy. Shoes?? Freakin…freaky…whoa. Needs 2 take those shoes back to the groomes.
Her hairs is also hair-rific.

jamecia lawson Said on


Taunya Said on

Try it again.

kymchee Said on

Get her a stylist!

mslynn Said on

pretty girl nice outfit but scared of the shoes thats a nono

maddamJ Said on

HEY! MAYBE SHE CAN GO ON TOUR AND PROMOTE HER LIL’ BOW-WOW BOOTS, WITH THE ARTIST. Those are the things they post on GHETTO HOT MESS, AINT IT? She is awful, she looks like Diana Ross and Amy Winehouse in one. I’m not haten either, I’m just keepen it real. I look hot myself, and I would rather have my style and looks GOD gave me than be style-lesssss, geeky, and rich.

cutie christie11 Said on

i think slange is working that out fit but the shoes and the bag needs to go

BRIANA 45 Said on


Solange Knowles Said on

To ya’ll that gave compliments, Thank you so much! To ya’ll that’s hating and disliking my look, that’s fine because everyone is not going to like my style but I do and I feel confident. I don’t want to look like everyone else I want to look like myself so Thank you so much for your inputs. I am a person just like ya’ll, I bleed red just like you so give me a break, but you know what you dont have to ya’ll are just keeping me motivated. Again Thank You!

Beyonce Knowles Said on

I agree with my sister, in everything you do someone is going to find something wrong with it but it’s okay. That dont mean she gone stop being Solange with her different style of dressing. Anyway, her stlye is different but cute. Solange keep doing your thang, Big Sis is gonna always have your back.

Jay-Z Said on

I bought that whole fit, naw Im playing but that look is nice on you girl!!



marco Said on

Is it jus me or is solange tha black Ashlee Simpson she tryn too hard 2 get otta her sistas shadow…. it aint gonna happen you will always be beyonce’s lil sis. jus like ashlee will always be jessica’s lil sis….. tha more you try tha more people will remember…… think about it other famous families hav not had dat problem ( janet n michael) ( imx, b2k ect.)….. you rarley get comarisons of them….. tha more you make it known dat you dont like it tha more people will remember……

chass Said on

Her outfit matches her singing….TERRIBLE!

missdd Said on

Girl, take those house slippers off!!!! You killed the whole outfit with them. First time you look half decent and you killed it

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