The Un-beweavable Problem on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

July 17th, 2012

(Photo: VH1)

Here’s the thing about reality stars—they aren’t famous because of a hit song or stellar talent. They’re famous for a supreme lack of shame and willingness to show their ass on-camera, all day, all night, all season long. When you are only famous for your shenanigans, you owe the audience a few things to insure that they stay committed to following your hijinx: 1) You don’t suddenly, four episodes in, start acting like someone with some sense and 2) You don’t every scene and every episode look like a totally different person. This last tidbit has not been conveyed to the current Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast.

When Rihanna dyes her hair Raggedy Ann red, then Marilyn Monroe blonde, then Goth Princess black, no one says “Who’s that?” But when K. Michelle, Erica, Mimi and the rest of the LAHHA cast switch up their looks more frequently than they call each other a “bitch,” those of us at home are left thinking “Is that Scrappy’s Baby Mama? Or the one who couldn’t even get Stevie J. to wait to drive her home from her abortion? Or the one who was with LA Reid’s son before but this week is swapping spit with Benzino…”

Does Momma Dee detour from her bangs and bad-assness? NO! But Erica, your heavy banged-wig that you wear in your confessionals is worlds different than the hair in your other scenes and, often, you’re hard to recognize as the same woman. Mimi, what did you think you were doing in last night’s episode with a lion’s mane of wavy weave pulled back 90s style, a serious departure from the long 80s-assymettical-influenced style we’re used to seeing you as you bemoan life as Stevie J’s boo? And K. Michelle, are you a raven-haired Keyshia Cole lookalike or an dark red-haired one? And, Joseline: short? Long? Cornrowed? The only way we can recognize you scene after scene is by your humongous, exposed breasts and your fur-ers.

Ladies, some consistency, please.

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