We Did It! Way to Go, America!

November 5th, 2008

I Have a Dream is now A Reality

Hello, all. It’s a beautiful day.

Barack Obama

“A new dawn of American leadership is at hand.” He is so Presidential.

Freakin’ beautiful. I am so proud. His speech filled me with so much joy. I didn’t think it was possible to contain this much happiness.

This is the most romantic country ever.

Barack Obama

I also have to say … and I don’t mean this to cheapen things, but is this the hottest first family America has ever had or what?

To see Michelle on that stage … To be a Black woman and see her looking so regal and so fly on that stage … I’m speechless. I’m 20-something-years-young and I’m looking at her in awe. And that dress … Perfectly suited! On-point. Love.

Just look at her. Look at what we can do.



Can’t. Stop. Cheezing. Or talking about it ….


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Audra Said on

Im 27 years old and i can really say that im proud to be african american. Barack and Michelle obama you two have done a great job. I love to see intelligent black people because some people treat us like trash, like we can never be anything but fast food worker. An on Nov.4 2008 Barack Obama you prove to me an the world that we can be more. I pray for you and the safety of your family every night because i know it ’s hard being the first African American President of the United States. Stay strong ,you can do it. (YES WE CAN)

Geraldine Said on

God Bless You and your family. I so very happy that you won. I wish one day to talk with you Love You and the family.

Mecildes Said on

yes, yes, yes .. we did it…. i love Obama… i’m so excited…i can’t wait to meet u..


tameka Said on

we love obama u is the write one

odessa Said on

we love obama u is the write one

Cheree Said on

Congratulations to the Obama family. I wish them well!!! I am so proud to be a part of such a historical event. Now when I tell my son that he can be anything he wants to be I truly feel that it is true!!!

tannie Said on

Obama good look for our first black President

malcomx Said on


anthony Said on

To the entire Obama Family, Thank-you! Thanks for showing the world that we are a race and a people that have not nor will we ever forget that we Kings and Queens! As a member of the Armed Forces I am ecstatic that you will soon be our Commander In Chief!

Helena Speed Said on

Congratulation obama and to your lovely wife and family… After you won election it was a celebration for me because we have not anyone black in office for a while. But I know it was time for a change in america.

MalcomX Said on

Its great to finally see so many blacks engaged in the political process. 99% voted for Obama. Statistically, this means there is no brains behind the vote, yet only voting based on color. In addition, BET, and all the “Black Only” areas of life now are producing the most racist culture in AMerica’s History. Recent polls indicate that over 72 percent of blacks do not like whites. While the reverse is 25 percent, with 40 percent as the worst in various regions. The black culture still thinks they are owed something, that they deserver it, that rap is healthy for kids. I got news for you. See whose running this nation…Its every race but you. Cuz you gotta earn it…SUCKAS!

Rubella Mtani Said on

As far as GOD is concern, here we have the WORLD HERO.
please mr president remember you re fellow african to your regime and we pray much that u uprift only God for wisdom as to enabling you to make it, ot only 4years but unremembable record.

I say shalom

olounwa Said on

christi that was a great post.. !! infact am going to copy it and post it to my friends ….every point it raised was relevant . it is important for americans to be aware of the outside world. the ignorance is breathtaking.. no more excuses indeed.. great stuff..! obama has crashed the last great barrier, and i said it would happen four yrs ago.. but then black americans where not interested in discussing this … if you take study seriously you can be a great nation within a nation not just entertainers and sports jocks..at the moment its not happening but there is room for hope for you .. but if you dont take this opportunity other blacks, blacks who come from immigrant africans in america will take up the challenge.. nobody owes blacks anything, they have to work for it..just like everybody else.

Kevin(killa) Said on

alishalee Said on

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gilberte Said on

First hello to our family obama, my name is gilberte i am 15 year old and i from england .I wanted to said to you i am so happy that you win i can believe for there first time in history we won i know you will be a good president every day i pray to god to protect you and be the most happy man in the earth i wish to have a man like your wife she loves you some much see you happy is make me be happy .i love you abama and your family have a happy good life together and god bless you and your families

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