Well Done, Kanye.

March 3rd, 2009

I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digger …

Amber Rose is so refreshingly different and edgy and beautiful. Especially the buzz cut, given how most gals are about weaves and wigs and such.

Kanye West, Amber Rose

I love her glasses. I love her heels. I love her look.

Well, almost …

Kanye West, Amber Rose 

Minus the cancer stick and shorts, I’m all over it.

Seriously. Elastic waist denim?! Hell no.

Kanye West, Amber Rose

So … Is this his lady or what?

They’d make an awesomely, artistically interesting couple. Don’t you agree?


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Shayla Said on

Let them enjoy each other,everybody needs to be happy. The way the world is right now.

Adrenaline Said on

I think she is HOT…however, her style and body remind me of the ORIGINAL BADDEST CHICK….KELIS…who is all about edginess, originality, and homegirl flava…

LL Cool Craig Jamaicas People Said on

Yes Wha goan My youth Kanya You new girlfrien is hot stay with her and that hare Styl you right she kind of remind me of kelis , kelis looks beter Nass is Beter Musican Thou Peace and love , I love you all you my Peoples Blessed one Love

Jeff Said on

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mirabel Said on

shes ehm okay

POOKY Said on

Short hair – good
Gorgeous skin – good
Hells- luv em

Shorts- HELL NO!

Chic Said on

I am saying that she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with a broke……

His mother will not approve, may God rest her soul

msgigi Said on

She is different. the short blonde doesn’t go,but her body and clothes are banging.

ljohnson Said on

This woman look more man that him. As far as looks go, i dont know what he see in her, but on the inside she may be a beautiful person, thats why we cant judge a book by its cover.

americam642 Said on

love uugh

avril Said on

they make a cute couple.

TC Said on

I think she looks good. She’s an individual.

Bad Gurl Said on

She is not to cute its just i think she would look better with hair. She has pretty legs and complexion though ill give her that and thats it. That outfit has to go.

Free Said on

honestly….they make a FLY couple. They compliment each other JUST right.!!!

Free Said on


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