Who’s the Fly Girl at T.I.’s Concert?

October 1st, 2008

Her name is Julissa Bermudez.

I feel like everything in this shot is to die for …. her dress, her tan, Fab’s sunglasses, his watch, a stiff drink … Ahh, this pic makes me want to go clubbing.

Julissa Bermudez, Fabulous 

Back in her BET days, Julissa was just pretty, but now she’s pretty dope.

I always hoped she’d achieve that level of chic she’s finally perfected – and it’s effortless. Girl looks rested and happy, her hair is brushed, she glows, and I’m in love with her outfit.

She’s got it, and I’m taking notes.

Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez

Not too complex. Just pretty, fly and refreshing.


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S.ain.t. Said on

Hi haters bcuz that is what most of you are being. That woman looks great. Absolutly grogeous from top to bottom. She was doing her thang. She is one of todays definitions of an independent woman. All of you haters need to strive to be half as good and well off as she is.

Lady S Said on


Big Ael Said on

She is so sexy with the gorgeous dress on her. Is she single now? Her profile was found on the on the tall dating site :__tallloving.com___ for hot guys and girls to hook up for tall Love and Sexy Dating, “she is so picky about guys!” according to officials of that site, “they have to be taller than JORDAN or she won’t date them!”

suga baby Said on

she look’s alright;she’s not all that.She’ll past and I’m not a hater I’m a congratulater. In the south we have a say’n barbeque or mildew. Rating her outfit she’s mildew. I like everything but it doesn’t go 2gether. REAL TALK.

blackbarbie Said on

girl that outfit is hideous and you need to find another stylist. In Dallas we have something we call a hot mess and you is it . oh yeah have a nice day

blackbarbie Said on

oh is that gator on your feet?

jasmine Said on

Um blackbarbie, where i live, we have something called GRAMMAR.. U NEED IT!. stop hatin she is beautiful, she always has been. i agree with kadi.

tammara Said on

she looks pregooooooooooo ……….look at her belly I’m sure the dress doesnt come like that ….??? holler.

tammara Said on

ooooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy her kicks are so sexy the bag not so much but she can gwan ….holla

blackbarbie Said on

to jasmine you must look like them hoofs she has on her feet. Pretty yes but style hell no!!!!!!

blackbarbie Said on

you must dress in the dark too.

Mizz Karma Said on

That dress and those shoes are hideous. Sorry. HATED IT!!! Next

crazie Said on

dat dress iz hotttt……… i lik short dress them dresses r so fly!!!!!!!

anne Said on

HI i like your show because everybody look cute.

anne Said on

HI i like your show because everybody looks cute.

Mylia-Izabel Said on

I agree too she does look gorgeous. I love the outfit chica.I miss Julissa on The Center and 106. I wish she come back to BET. Its not the same without her,Big Tigger, AJ ,or Free.

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