Who Looked Better in Black: Zoe or Kelly?

June 9th, 2010

The Little Black Dress reigns supreme…but who did it better?

Don’t know what to wear for a big occasion? All black everything is always a safe–and chic–bet and that’s exactly how Zoe Saldana and Kelly Rowland arrived at last night’s 2010 Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London. Each lady put her own spin on midnight monochrome and the overall effects couldn’t be more different:


Zoe continued her fashionable winning streak and scooped up the Best Film Actress of the Year in a lacy Vionnet dress. She wore mile-high YSL platform pumps and diamond jewels with the sexy (you only get a peek!) and sophisticated look that screamed for bold red lips.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly showed off her assets in a body-hugging Roberto Cavalli dress that had leather trim and an asymmetrical strap. This dress isn’t as intricate, but I could see it being a good go-to staple for the club or a date. The singer added a pop of color with bright orange nails and turquoise bracelets.

There’s no doubt that both of these women have killer legs, but who looked better in their black dress?

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Twitter -- @duhhshebadd1 Said on

Zoee !!! No offense Kelly ,, but she rockedd that !

Pauline Said on

She has better shaped legs and fills out the dress better.

jevon Said on

kelly rocked it better. You could see her curves and ahe looks great

ali Said on

Zoe rocked it !! but for the Club I would rock it kelly all nite

DC Said on

First Thought: Oh Zoe looks nice
Scroll down the screen
I gotta give the W to Ms. Kelly

Nafis Said on

Kellys body fit the outfit a lot better.

lisa Said on

Zoe, very fashion forward! ; )

Anne Said on

Both ladies look great but I gotta go with KELLY. Her dress is more simple and cute while Zoe’s is a little too busy for me.

Andrew Shawe Said on

I like both photos but I would not be able to take either one of them out to dinner for they appear to lack nutrition and need to meet the requirements from a “physiological” point of view like Nicki Minij and Trina.

Nesley Filsaime Said on

Good Morning! Zoe & Kelly! I think They Both Look Good In Black Dress…. Order:+$561,779,940.00%

Miesha Said on

I like both ladies but Zoe dress is wild but I would need to say go Kelly you look great!

Nafis Said on

The dress fit Kelly’s curves very well. Zoe looked good, but Kelly brought out the UMPH!!! on this one.

TERESA Said on

Kelly rocked it! Go Kelly!

Shortie Said on

They both look great to me. I would rock both of those dresses.

CeCe Said on

I like Zoe dress….but I LOVE Kelly’s dress…

Tekeema Said on

I like Kelly’s dress but it just seems like I seen it before, Zoe on the other hand is so RunWay in Paris so New so fresh and Glam love it