Who Owns It?

August 19th, 2008

New “it” item is for the birds.

Young Hollywood is rocking the Elizabeth & James Plume Feather Vest with leggings, jeans and yes, more leggings.


Note to world: This fuzzy, feathered trend is ugly. Please stop wearing it. Yes, Amerie, we’re looking at you.

Her vest is bad on its own terms, but the boots are the final nail in the coffin.

Cassie rocked hers with duhhhh.


Rihanna took it down a notch and paired hers with a white tank and skinny jeans.


OK, cute. Saved by the pup.


Ri loved the itchy looking thing so much; she also bought the Feather Blazer.

She, LaLa and Vanessa Simmons …


Vanessa Simmons

Overkill. No question.

Who owns it? Rihanna for sure.


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Stephanie Said on

rihanna really pulled it off, i mean when it comes to fashion you just have to make something look good although if it isnt.

meka Said on

Ri-Ri always look good in her clothes. She just look like she didn’t have to try that hard.

Regina C Said on

Designers will have people wearing anything. I’m sure you can’t wear this vest alot you’ll eventually loose some feathers. All girls chose to put black on black. Royal Blue would have set it off.

angela Said on

i don’t care who it’s on , if you’re not 10 years old, then you don’t need to be wearing these ugly feathers.

red Said on

stop hatin, there are some things that some people like to wear and other consider them ugly. They all look cute wearing it, I don’t like leggins but to me it is what it is, I’m pretty sure we have worn things that people thought was plain ugly so let it go

lekisha Said on

In my opinion, Cassie really pulled it off what do you expect she is a Sean John model

rock Said on

RI Ri is the best overall, i mean the girl is hot and she’s rocking no wat she wears, she is off the chain, you go girl, you are indeed a trend setter.

meme Said on

LaLa had the best shoe game of all the picks so she wins!

Marquaysa Said on

Cassie and Rihanna rocked it the way it was supposed to be rocked. Kudos to them. And kudos to Kadi for being so observant and having good fashion judgement.

Twiggy Couture Said on

What she’s wearing is really hedious. Unflattering. Feathers to me is a big no no.

Twiggy Couture Said on

The feathers look really ugly on Amerie. I would have to say Cassie,Rihanna, well the rest pulled it off. It’s a good look on them.

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