Who’s More Ghetto: Kanye or the Kardashians?

August 27th, 2012

(Photo: E! Networks)

The question of ghetto fabulosity came up on yesterday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Remember how Kim claims her first career (before her second career as Paris Hilton’s BFF, third career as sex tape siren and current career as Superstar Kim Kardashian) was being a stylist/closet organizer?

You forgot that? No worries, because so did Kim, the show’s producers and her boyfriend Kanye. So the rapper made another appearance on the reality show, this time bringing his stylist along because Kim’s wardrobe needed some serious tending. Kim was wide-eyed and excited because Kanye “works in “fashion.” So does she, with a clothing line and that former career as a stylist, but that never got mentioned. Instead she couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do to update her look and, as Kanye later says, so she can get on Best Dressed lists. This being reality TV, of course problems ensued:

Problem #1: It is creepy–and likely a mention on a questionnaire asking “Do you have a controlling boyfriend?”–when a man who takes off your clothes off wants to dictate what clothes you put on. Miles beyond a simple “Hey baby, I like when you wear that skirt,” this was wholesale, head to toe makeover. This turned Kim on, but Khloe was aghast, leading to…

Problem #2: As little sister Khloe looked in horror over the piles upon piles upon piles of clothes and shoes Kanye had determined had to go bye-bye, her rising anger wasn’t because a man had offered to buy her (rich) sister all new clothes if she just listened to what he said. No, she was angry because he was getting rid of a lot of pieces just like ones she had. Worried that meant she too might be a fashion disaster, Kim tried to calm her by explaining that Kanye had pointed out to her that these items were “ghetto.” Khloe countered that everyone needs a little ghetto and ghetto fabulousness in their life…and if it could be delivered with a fur-lined, stiletto Timberland-type boot, then so be it.

Problem #3: The episode ended with the sobs of little brother Robert. Sad and hard to watch…especially considering no one also thought to shed tears over two rich women from Calabasas, California willy nilly throwing around the word “ghetto” and wishing they could hold on to the little ghetto passes they felt they’d claimed through shoes, clothes, bags (and, though no one said it, maybe some of the Black men they’ve dated), with no regard for the ignorance such a claim represents.

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