Zoe Saldana Is a Winner

December 16th, 2008


Absolutely loving the dress. Love the colors and the drape. She may be going for sophisticated, but the effect is really sexy.

Zoe Saldana

Just one piece can look so chic.

This makes me want to get dressed up in the worst way. I’m craving a fly dress!

I love both Zoe and Gabrielle. They’re both very pretty with to-die-for skin. Like a cake or something. And I wish more celebs would smile for a change. They’d be so much more attractive if they did.

Gabrielle Union

Gabby looks so great in her dress I’m willing to forgive the pleather hemline and sleeve cuff. It’s sort of cool and new and horrifying. What do you think? I’d like so much to rip it off.

Which dress would you wear?

Zoe’s all day.


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shannon Said on

awesome outfits good work

angela Said on

neither one but if i just had to choose it would be gabrielle

LadyofWisdom Said on

Okay twice you didn’t post my comments, what is up with that?

Kcii Said on

No B, some shoes have a tendency to make a woman’s foot slide as she walks, which is why it’s good to get shoes a half size bigger so that you don’t end up with corns on your toes. THEY LOOKS STUNNING!



Dulcina'e Said on

I don’t know who in their right mind think that dress Zoe has on is cute it’s ugly and she has no curves. She done caught the Hollywood bug (No food)

Felicia Said on

Zoe looks great and that dress is hot!

taunya Said on

I love Gabby’s dress just without the pleather.

dodo monster Said on

gabby’s dress is definatly prettier. But what I really want to know is why are so many african american men going out with white women!!!!

Mrz.Sexy Said on

gabs dress pretty. i don’t know about the other one. But I really want to know whats going on with that trend too.

dodo monster Said on

no, really I won’t to know whats going on

Arod Said on

I think that both of them are very sexy. Sexy pecan & Sexy chocolate!!!!!!!

Patra Said on

Gabby’s dress looks way better.. Zoe’s dress just looks like a curtain!! Sry.. no offense!!

LA Stylist Said on

I would 100% rock Zoe’s dress any day over Gabriel’s. Although both are nice, the plunging neck line is SO overdone! And Zoe’s dress is unconventionally sexy. It looks great without showing everything and being super form-fitting. So even a plus-sized girl could get away with it with the right Louboutin’s to make her legs look fierce! I LOVE the pattern, it shows her youth and playfulness. All in all, its a definite winner!

Larry Said on

Both are wonderfully beautiful women, but neither of these ensembles really strikes me.

Zoe’s shoes are a size or two too big. That bothers me sooo much! I really do love the shape and cut of her dress, but the patchwork just looks clumsy and distracting. I think it would’ve been better had the patches at the bottom been like the ones at the top…

The leatherish strips on Gabrielle’s dress bother me too. After looking for a few minutes, I decided the dress would be better without them. I don’t care for the shoes either, to be honest.

Overall, both beautiful women pulled their looks off, but just barely. ;)

gabrielle Said on

zoe’s dress is not cute at all it it such a fashion NO! NO! she’s too pretty to wear something so unattractive
i do love gabrielle union’s outfit …she always looks good on the red carpet

yahelianny Said on

i dont like zoe´s dress,but i think she is pretty anyway.

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