Antoine Fuqua To Direct 2Pac Biopic

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 12:41 am.

2pacIt was bound to happen, especially after 2009’s Notorious, a 2Pac biopic will officially start filming in September.  According to, the film will be produced through Morgan Creek and directed by Antoine Fuqua, who is known for films like Training Day and Brooklyn’s Finest.

The big question is who will play 2Pac, and Fuqua says he wants an unknown. “That’s the goal, I want to discover someone new,” he explained. “I want to discover a lot of new people if I can. Obviously I’m going to have to put some people in it that you know, just because actors have different skills. I want to go to the streets and find him anywhere he might be in the world.”

I love the idea of giving an unknown actor a chance, but in the event an unknown wouldn’t work, I would like to see Anthony Mackie or Chiwetel Ejofor.

Check out the 2Pac interview below with Ed Gordon.


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Steaphon Haygood Said on

I realy hope you find someone very good to play the roll of TuPac beacause the brother deserves that.I myself think that TuPac was the best rapper that ever lived,he always kept it real and told the truth about what is realy going on in the streets.He may have been a Highschool drop out but he was a intellagent brother.He was a way better rapper than Natorious Big,He also came from the blk struggle that the blk people went through in the 60,s.So please get this one right and dont rush it I feel this is a story that should of been told long ago.

Maria Ashford Said on

Get TuPac himself to play the role he’s NOT DEAD!!

Danielle P. Said on

I know someone who looks just like Tupac. How can I get more info. for him. Please let me know something. Thanks.

Crystal Atchison Said on

I would love the chance to be 1 of the unknown you discover,I cant play 2pac but maybe i can play 1 of your other characters.

Victor T. Said on

to me……no one can play tupac. No matter how good the actor iz, it is damn near impossible to capture and embody the spirit and essence of Makaveli the Don.

Amani Said on

Ohh My Gosh I want to be in this movie horribly Bad!

Mac Strength Said on

The world is the problem trying to eliminate a black man making him to be a thug where he can become hostile. I think 2pac is trying to make u see that. It’s the world that makes a thug into a thug. That’s why it’s thug life. Some times that is the only life that some see from the time they are born till the time they die so who’s to say it’s not real? I think people sacrifice the happiness of others for there own personal gain and many of those people have gone down in history being born white. Hip Hop is a voice and something that is useful for speaking out while others try to define us it’s good to know that we can buy our own mics and spit our own verses. I have believed that acting out in violence is not the solution and though we must tolerate much bull ish from haters personal gain can only be achieved through patience, love for self and others, and virtue. Selling records and getting out of the gutter can help you become a better person. Preachers have done worse things in ordor to rise above there problems. Some times a little wrong can help u become right but only some times. The biggest trick of all time is making someone believe in them and telling them to have faith but never showing valid evidence to support there claim.

-Mac Strength

Donovan Said on

I tell you what i know i can play Suge Knight!!!!!!

Marissa Said on

Na They Better Not Use The Same Guy From Biggies Movie He Aint Look Nuffin Like Him And He Tryed To Hard He Catn Get Into Character Right Fo Real But LETS GO!!!!!! Im Ready For This Movie!!!!!! I Love Me Some 2pac.!!

newnew Said on

r u nuts anthony mackie and that other guy looks not even can act like my boy tupac. u need to pick somebody else cuz anthony mackie did not do tupac gud in notoriuos they lied and made tupac look like a busta in that movie o yeah im hot mad u need somebody handsome just like tupac he is a great rapper and he deserves respect

nate Said on

i dont care what all yall say. aint nobody going to be like 2pac

diano Said on

tupac is the best

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sasha Said on

i want to play tupac younger half sister. sewyika .she is dark like me. i would be a perfect match think about it.

nick Said on

you need to find someone who can act just loke it. look does matter. lets say 50/50 percent for half looks and thr other half acting. you need to know how to act to play in this movie. please dont let anthony mackie ugly ass play tupac ever again. that was a disgrace watching him in notorious. the dude who played biggie. was the best impersonator ever. he looks better than biggie through.

BUD Said on

Ay I think it’s great that they are filming a movie about PAC.He helped bring alot of us through the struggle.I feel that they should take their time to find a great actor to play this Man.because he was a very complex person.with different personalities.and that is hard to feel.he was real,down to earth,and had alot of heart and cared about the people.I mean if you ask me The Brother who played Hakeem from Moesha would be a good fit,Anthony Mackie only if you can’t find someone.because in Notorious I didn’t like how the Portrayed Pac.Theirs someone who can fit his role Even Fredro Star.He Walks Like Pac.JA-RULE LOL.But You Know.Oh After This You Deff Have To Make A Film About Michael Jackson!The Two Greatest Of All Time RIP And Happy Anniversary!