Aunt Viv: Will wasn’t that fresh…

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 12:13 pm.

vivian-banksRemember almost twenty years ago when Will Smith was just a television star?  You know, on that show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Well, his television mom, actress Janet Hubert who played Aunt Vivian, is releasing a book and is blasting the Oscar nominee.  She frames him as selfish, afraid of competition and part of the reason why she was replaced — the running story had always been she left the show due to pregnancy. The memoir, Perfection Is Not A Sitcom Mom, is to be released in early 2010 and Black Voices received an excerpt.

“Smith had people around him who made sure no one outshone him. I was happy to see Don Cheadle become the quality actor that he is, and often wondered how he made it past one episode, as Hilary’s boyfriend, being such a fierce actor. No one could be on ‘The Tonight Show,’ that first season, except Will. And I mean no one.”

“I recall the lovely and incredibly talented Countess Vaughn coming to guest star. Oh my God! The day of table read, she was pee-in-your-pants funny. The writers were howling, we were howling, so I knew she was history – banished into the cornfield. Many years later, after she had her own show, I had to tell her when she asked me why. ‘Miss Janet why did I get cut from the episode,’ she asked? Simply, my darling, you were too good.”

She also goes into detail how they fired her and how it nearly ruined  her career and life.

Well, I’m not doubting Hubert’s story, the entertainment industry is vicious. However, I do recall when Aunt Viv was replaced that fans were disappointed and wanted the original Viv back.  Why would they fire her if she was so popular?  So is she saying the reason why she was fired is because she was too talented?  It should be noted, she doesn’t directly say Smith was responsible for her being fired.

I guess we will have to wait until 2010 for the answer…


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ddunson Said on

Honestly after she left the show it really wasn’t that funny to me. The ONLY Fresh Prince seasons I bought she is in all of them. I wish her the best and I don’t think she is lying. I can’t wait to read her book.

thatgurlmick Said on

im sure a part of that is correct but also he was the STAR of the show ,of course no one is going to out play him that is what is wrong with tv shows these days some one come on and out play the star and we end up with these horrible spin-offs like FLAVOR OF LOVE- I LOVE NEW YORK :ROCK OF LOVE-DAISEY OF LOVE and i am so tiard of all these medical shows (a spin-off of ER) i guess they did something right becase THE FRESH PRINCE is one of the best shows of all times (with aunt viv)

Stacy from mem-Tenn Said on

He is the star of the show, who would want some one to shine them. It was HIS SHOW!!!! It happens all the time in corporate america and everywhere else. No one is going to hire some one that can replace them unless they are actually about to leave and want to be replaced. Her Dumb azz should have played the game the way it was suppose to be played, then she would still probably have a job.

renee Said on

ok ok one will was the star of the show two when the star of a gud why would you want someone else to come in and take ur shine away from u…………dah……..and last if she was that gud if she had got the job then will would have been out of a job i mean come on then no one would have known WILL SMITH it would have been like he was here now he’z gone sooooooooo hey

Nykia Said on

Excuse me STACYand THATGURLMICK as a young upcoming black woman in corporate America I can understand where your coming from, on the other end i’m sure your mother told you to simply treat people the way you want to be treated. Allow the viewers of Black Entertainment to into your circle of life to see how you could pick yourself up years later, get your life together, and write a book about your downfalls. The fact of the matter is that corporate America can be envious, vicious, and satanic. It is our responsibility as a nation to pick us up and change that, vs “stepping on one another when we fall” hypothetically speaking. (FACT: we wonder why our world looks as it does now.) For all you two ladies know, “aunt viv” can help you in your life one day. If in fact what Ms. Hubert is saying is true, the action’s taken (terminating her employment) were down right wrong. (All because Ms. Hubert allowed the light and talents God gave her to shine, which is all apart of his plan). Maybe thats something for you two women to think about. In the meantime, STACY and THATGURLMICK you try not to get terminated at your best for no reason and let us viewers see how that works out for you. Thank you

felicia Said on

so why so long to write a book, u can not let go,, please forgive them already, i love u and i to bought all the season that u was in. good luck, something will come great for you.

felicia Said on

i am going to buy your book

Dominique Said on

The show wasn’t the same without her. I can believe her for the simple fact, when Will does his interviews, he really comes across as fake. He knows how to put on and please Corporate America.

chanie Said on

aunt viv (1) was better than aunt viv (2), and that is a fact. What is not factual is that she out shined will smith. i remember Smiths reunion when he was talking about her leaving the show, she was acting jealous and crazy and that is what i believe. How you going to act jealous about him when she was on his show, he basically was the one employing her. Would you keep someone who was rude to you. Like fresh prince would say Hell Naw. He was young and couldnt under stand why the old hag was so mean to him.

When i think of fresh prince i do think of all of them on the show because EVERY body had a point when the spot light was more on them then fresh prince, but i mainly remember him. Sh#@ I still watch the re runs on cable and have the copys. It was the best show ever because Will Smith.

natalia Said on

One I’m a big fan of Will’s. I liked the show with or without the original Aunt viv. Yes after all this time why is she just now deciding to write a book? Does she have a movie coming out, new tv, etc? Its all for PUBLICITY! Yes no one wants to be outshined. This is what happened to Destiny’s Child. beyonce’s dad got scared that the other young ladies who actually had talent would out do beyonce. Same thing here. No one knows the real reason why she left. Who really cares. Why live in the past. My goodness its 2009. Jazz and Carlton was just as good as Will and they stayed on. Hilary stayed on. I just dont believe she got fired b/c she was too good. Please. If that’s the case the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air wouldnt lasted as long as it did.It couldve been a contract problem, her pregnancy, or something else. I mean who knows. But for her to say she was lwet go b/c she was too good please. She is the only still holding a grudge. Maybe Will turned down some of her sexual advances I mean who knows what happened. At this point who cares. I’m gonna watch reruns w/ or w/o her. All of the actors were talented and have been successful so why is she still holding a grudge? There were plenty of times when Carlton out did Will and he didnt get fired. Please tell me that you are not buying into her excuse of she was too good. As Keith Sweat “Something Just Aint Right”!

Ladyc Said on

Someone finally stood up to Mr. Will Smith, the almighty do gooder!! lol

Candace Sims Said on

I’m a hugh fan of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and have all the DVDs, but I think at that time when Will was young he probably was a little annoying and beside himself getting all the attention. I think Janet is telling the real truth, I only wonder why she couldn’t have confront Will privately rather than expose something that happened 20 years ago. I hope Will can admit to being young and stupid and actually apologize to Janet, and make up by putting her in some of his movies.