Beyonce as Angela Davis?

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, February 9, 2009 at 12:03 am.

abeyI’m sure you’ve heard the news that there is an Angela Davis biopic in the works. The director, Franco-Algerian Rachid Bouchareb, has his eye on Beyonce Knowles to play the legendary civil rights leader.

According to the Hollywood Reporter.

“Bouchareb, who will produce the movie through his French production company, plans to shoot in summer 2010 with a budget in the region of $20 million-$30 million, and is lining up a major French backer. The script is by novelist  Yasmina Khadra, whose book ‘The Attack’ has been optioned by Focus Features. No cast is yet attached but Bouchareb has his lead actress firmly in mind: ‘I want Beyonce Knowles to play Angela Davis,’ he said. ‘It’s a great dramatic role for her.’”

Bouchareb is from France so maybe he doesn’t realize there are actually other black actresses in the world other than Beyonce. Sure, she is a talented singer and dancer, but playing the role of Ms. Davis should be reserved for a stone-cold actress. Also, if you think Etta James got mad with Beyonce, you don’t want a former Black Panther who was once on the FBI’s most wanted list to have it in for Bey — she might stage a protest outside of the House of Dereon headquarters!

So, in the event that Bouchareb doesn’t know any better, here are a few names that would be better consideration. Please feel free to spread the word!

Thandie Newton

With an afro, Newton would probably look the most similar to Angela Davis. She is also becoming more of a bankable actress having recently appeared in crossover roles like RocknRolla and W., where she played Condoleezza Rice.






Taraji P. Henson

Taraji could be the next Halle Berry. She is an Oscar nominee and has a degree in theatre arts from Howard University.








Kerry Washington

You can’t go wrong with Kerry Washington. She is well-informed with politics, which one would need for this political role, and was amazing in films like The Last King of Scottland and Ray.







Regina King

King is a Screen Actors Guild nominee and has appeared in movies like Ray and Jerry Maguire. Pick Regina and the film just might be Oscar worthy — not Razzie worthy.







Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith’s wife might just be your number one pick. She is excels in aggressive female roles, a household name and might be willing to take a pay cut if there is a strong script — she ain’t struggling for cash with Big Willie.

Take notice!

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Tana Said on

Everyone on here needs to stop hating on Bey. She is a great actress as well as singer and if the director thinks she would be good for that part in HIS movie then who are you to try and tell him different.

Benita Said on

The director obviously knows nothing of Angela Davis, her life, her ideals, and her intellect. The director’s choice is an insult to Ms. Davis, who has tenure at several universities.

Beyonce would have to pick up a book, ortwo, or three , or more in order to learn and emulate Ms. Davis’ character and persona.
Can you seriously imagine Beyonce reading college textbooks?

Spike Lee should be doing a movie like this. He is more attuned to the Black American Experience and its diaspora, as well as the life of Ms. Davis.

IF… …
and I repeat “IF” Angela Davis agrees to have her life portrayed on film….
AND “IF” she should approve of a Beyonce Knowles portraying her, she will most definitely be compromising everything she stands for and will have taken leave of her senses for place of the almighty dollar.
And if Ms. Davis still ascribes to the Communist and Socialist idealogies that she has been noted for, she will not approve of such mediocrity.

Beyonce can sing, dance, and entertain. She is visually appealing. But she has no talent or gift when it comes to acting in a film as serious as “The Life of Angela Davis.”(hypothet,)
She’s just not that bright. Sorry.

And I question the director’s intellect, if his first choice for such a role is Ms. Knowles.

The whole idea is laughable.

Benita Said on

The STANS in here need to relax.
No one is ‘hating’ on Beyonce.
There are many who are just tired of her attempting to take on movie roles that she is clearly unsuited for. Etta James. Eartha Kitt, and potentially Angela Davis? Her ego convinces her that she is a serious actress.

It’s just a fact that she cannot act.
Which is why she ends up paying her way into such roles.
Beyonce reminds me of the “bad opera singer” in the movie ‘Citizen Kane.’

Benita Said on

Sorry for the typos.
It appears as if an editing option is unavailable here.

veryliberal Said on

I agree Benita. Beyonce was the executive producer of Cadillac Records, hence her portrayal of Etta James. Because a person has acted, does not mean that person is an actor. I think that Beyonce is an entertainer, she sings, dances a little, is attractive and popular,however; as much as I like her, as proud as I am of her, I do not think she is effective as an actress. Eartha Kitt, Angela Davis, please no!!!! If this director wants his film to be taken seriously I think he should seriously consider an established actress. Who is his choice to play Huey Newton, Chris Brown? One more thing, I think Sean Combs was very effective as Walter in ‘A Raisin in the Sun”.

Benita Said on

LOL@ Chris Brown portraying Huey Newton!

If that ever happens, I’d have to burn my “rattan King Chair.”

Mimi Said on

ok listen

Mimi Said on

Like i said before, you all have your own opinions and i respect that..
Atleast try and act mature enough to speak out your opinions with some sort of respect.. and as for this movie.. yes, i do believe that Beyonce could pull it off, and yes i also believe that there are other actors in which may play the role of Angela Davis in a more effective way other than Beyonce.. Give Beyonce a break, in time she will progress in acting.. many of the most famous actors today which we all know have been awarded with such great awards and yet, in their very first movies they were criticised with bad acting and were said to be such horrible actors which will get absolutely no where in show bizz…. Now look at them.

Benita Said on

Mimi… I’m not sure what you mean by immature or disrespectful opinions.
Many of the comments stating that Beyonce is a very poor actress have been respectful and articulate.

Many professional actors have been trained and even attended colleges majoring in theater arts….or….. they simply have a natural gift for theater or film. Therefore the majority of them were at least able to be in character and release convincing performances.

Not so with Beyonce. She attended a school for performing arts, which is a magnet school within the public school system. (still trying to fiquire out which private school she attended.)
Beyonce is not naurally gifted, but she might argue that point. It’s evident by the fact that she speaks in the same tone throughout the movie and is not convincing…even when she’s shouting or cursing.
She fails to capture the character she’s attempting to portray, and it results in: Beyonce in stage makeup…a wig, etc.

Mimi Said on

ok Benita, see u just stated your opinion and in an appropriate way… i may disagree with what you said.. but anyway that was ma point to simply say what you all had to say but in a nice way.. and no Benita not all the comments have been spoken with respect.. many comments are simply inappropriate.. they been using nasty words which is un-called for..

Geo16 Said on

Yes i agree with you mimi. Many comments here have been rude. Beyonce is still progressing as an actress.. and she is a VERY HARD WORKER. So if she puts her mind to it, she can do it.

Benita Said on

Not disputing the fact that Beyonce is a hard worker in the entertainment business.
I do, however, think that she has an ‘ego’ which convinces her that she has potential to be a great dramatic actress. To me she is nothing more than a ‘B’ rated actress. Let her do the role of ‘Ginger’ in Gilligan’s Island.

But let more exprienced actresses do roles like Eartha Kitt and Angela Davis.

Geo16 Said on

Let Beyonce show her full talent by doing roles such as Eartha Kitt and Angela Davis. peace

future star Said on

anybody but dumbeyonce,there are a lot of black educated actors,HELLO

don Said on

no one is hating on beyonce,we are just being truthful.angela bassett,regina or jade would be good for the angela davis role.they are educated women. if you don’t like it to bad.

Im not a hater of beyonce Said on

here we go again with this young lady,come on producer this lady is not an actress she is a wanna be singer and dancer.What is it that everyone wants this lady in their movies she is not good (omg) when will her family tell her to sit down I hope she read this, boo let it go you are not the one for the movie dnt let ppl waste their money going to see this movie you are terrible not trying to hurt noone but give it to (A.BASSET) that lady can act BEYONCE PLEASE SIT DOWN……………………….

bri Said on

i think she should do the part even though in my opinion she doesnt look like angela at all.

Assada Said on

To be honest, I never find films about stars very interesting, precisely because it’s always a host of predictable famous actors, with the same aesthetic, the same acting technique, the same kind of script. Ali? Ray? The Tina Turner biopic? What’s the difference between them?

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