Beyonce Wanted To Be Princess; ‘Frog’ Hits Number One

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 12:00 am.

princessfrogBig congratulations to The Princess and the Frog for rocking the number one spot at the box office this weekend with over 25 million. According to, Princess set a record for the “biggest debut for an animated film in December.”  The screen life will last throughout the holiday season so hopefully the Disney flick will reach the 100 million mark.

Here is a review of The Princess and the Frog and an interview with the princess herself, Anika Noni Rose.

In related news, Rose had a hot battle for the role of Tiana. According to The View, where Rose appeared this past Friday, the Tony winner beat out heavyweights like Alicia Keys, Tyra Banks (hmmmm…), Beyonce Knowles and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson.

How do you think the other four would’ve worked as Disney’s first African-American princess?

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Alex Said on

I saw the Princess and the Frog this past weekend and it was awsome! One of the best disney films, and now one of my favorite. With that being said obviously they chose the right person for the part and she did a wonderful job!

luel14 Said on

you guys acting like you know beyonce personally. how the %**? do you know she’s fake. gtfoh

Tracie Johnson Said on

black women are always hating on beyonce that’s why we can’t get ahead now, you see white people always whole each other up, wheather it is brittney spears, madonna, lady gaga with her crazy self are who ever, until we learn that we will never get ahead,

as Said on

im glad for anika or whatever her name is. I have this to say when ashanti got her role as the wiz alot of people talked down on her okay anika won the role and ashanti won hers and did a wonderful job. she would have been another beautiful princess.

Moni Said on

First off, kuddos for what Beyonce has accomplished. I’m am truly happy for her because she is living her dreams. But quite frankly I think this country is Beyonce’d out! From her songs to her awards and the movies she try so hard to act in. I think i speak for everyone when I say that I am tired of her being in everything. Frankly, if she had played the role of Tiana, I would have gone to see it only because it is the first Black Disney movie but I would have been annoyed with hearing her voice throughout the movie. Anika deserved the role. Let someone else besides Beyonce have the praise, she’s already bragging about being the baddest chick in the game geesh! No one’s hating, because there are plenty of talented beautiful Black celeb’s but Beyonce doesn’t have to do everythang!!

Anne Said on

I agree w/Tracie. Several ladies went for the part but the author of this article singled out Beyonce b/c he knew folks would start hating on her. Beyonce gets the parts that were meant for her just like this part was meant for Anika and she got it. Beyonce is one of the most successful African American entertainers and is holding her own in a music world full of Taylor’s, Britney’s, & Miley’s and half of us want to tear her down instead of supporting her. At least she can actually sing while the others I named can’t. She is conquering the music world and growing in the acting world. It’s ashame that some of us can’t stand to see one of us on top.

Rea Said on

People are missing the point. Children are not complaining or even concerned about who played Tiana in the movie so why are the adults complaining. It was a beautiful movie so stop analyzing why or who should have or should not have played the part.

GYB Said on

Anne, I agree we as black people will never get anywhere because of our jealousy of on another….It is sad…..I can’t belive how may black women are so jealous of one another.
And as for the movie Anika was great !! And it could have been any of the other black women mentioned in the article, but the proud thing is she would have been black. I live in Houston and I took my grandaughter to see the movie and in her eyes it was just a prince and a princess, and belive it or not it was more of other nationalities in the theatre…..Black people please especially women, WE NEED TO START STICKING TOGETHER………

Jay Said on

another article mentioning beyonce so it can get more views and more people to come and throw shade at her. she has 10 Grammy Nods (the oscars of music) so i sure she was happy for anika getting the part…

High Fashion Said on

I love Beyonce but the only reason why she wanted the role is because there was ganna a first black Princess…. Tyra Banks is the Queen of TopModel and the Princess for talk show and I dont think she is a fit for that role.. Maybe Tyra could play the stylist for the and teach her how to smile with her eyes… As for J. Hudson she would be good but she jus got an Oscar the other day plus an grammy for her album that alot of shine for her, however I think that Anika Rose was the best person for the role of the princess. She bring that special something that character which kids ganna love and i think that its her turn to shine as an Dream Girl like J Hudson and Beyonce… I wish Anika Rose gets some kinda of award for this role and she jus made History for beening the first black princess..

Santana Said on

Um does anybody remember when BRANDY played CINDERELLA? If not lemme refresh your memory……. BRANDY played CINDERELLA……. WHITNEY HOUSTON played her fairy godmother…….. WHOOPI GOLDBERG played the prince mom? DO U REMEMBER NOW? If so why isn’t BRANDY consider DISNEY’S 1ST AFRICAN-AMERICAN (BLACK) PRINCESS? Last I checked the ORIGINAL CINDERELLA was WHITE! SO I GUESS EVERYBODY 4GOT BOUT BRANDY BEING 1ST! I STILL SUPPORTED THE MOVIE THO!

Redd Said on

I’m so excited that the first black princess on disney cuz i was so tired of the same white ones. now little black girls can look up to a black princess

ashley Said on

i don’t feel beyonce would have made a great princess tiana because one thing, let me first start off saying, i have nothing against beyonce, that’s my girl around the way, this is how i feel, first beyonce starting to act and look white in my opinion with the fake blonde hair and lightning her skin tone, we really don’t need an african american person like that potraying a princess, i glad anika got it because we need a brown skinned african america girl to play,it, someone who is comfortable in her own skin. Jennifer Hudson wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Anne Said on

Ashley, I agree with you in part; I think it’s good that the first african american princess is brown skinned. But, I don’t know how you can assume that Beyonce lightened her skin. She looks about the same skin tone as when she was a little girl and black people’s skin naturally fluntuates from slightly lighter to slightly darker through out the year. My skin tone looks noticeably lighter now than when I was younger because I spent more time playing in the sun back then. So I don’t think people should be so quick to jump to conclusions. Some of these comments just get so silly and probably not worth addressing.

tania Said on

THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME! i went to see it opening night and it was the best! hoooooorah for our new black disney princess!

Deerose77 Said on

Why is everybody commenting on Beyonce, just giving her more attention again. There are other names mention like Alicia Keys you know. Besides the movie was great, my daughter absolutely loved it. people were clapping in the end. Big up to Anika.

Yolanda Said on

Anika is the most genuine and down to earth person, so she was the right person for the role. Tyra, has already played a princess and she was ok. Alicia’s and Beyonce’s voices are too “manly/ hoarse” sounding so there was no way they would be cast as the princess. Jennifer would have been ok, but the part just really wouldn’t fit her. When a princess is being chosen, the director is looking for a personality that is soft, very feminine and ladylike. All of these ladies have these qualities, but Anika is the better choice. A lot of bloggers are getting upset and wondering why people are “bashing” Beyonce.Well for starters, while Beyonce is a young lady making it happen for herself financially and celebrity wise, she is being greedy.She is willing to #@#@?# up any and every role that is passed her way, she wants an Oscar so bad she can taste it. This is not the way you go about achieving that goal. Also, your actions speak real loud. She could not stand it when Jennifer(Hudson) won that Golden Globe award instead of her. She has achieved so much in such a short time and that is a credit to her, but she is going to burn out and frankly put, people are really getting tired of seing and hearing from her. She needs to take a break, relax, have a couple of lil’ joe camels(Jay-Z’s for you slow people) reinvent herself and comeback with some more adult material and cut out all this teeny bopper music ie., Single Ladies and then maybe she’ll win that Oscar when the right role comes along.

sunday Said on


debrakilgore Said on

We should be congratulating Anika for a job well done; not bashing Bey for her success. It’s good to see a sista handle her business at the highest level. I am very proud of her, Anika, Jennifer Hudson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifa, Mo’nique, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, and all the other sista’s thats doing the damn thang.

AUTUM Said on