Could Connor Cruise be the next Will Smith?

Published by Clay Cane on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 12:00 am.

connorcruiseLooks like the stars are aligning for Connor Cruise, the son of Tom Cruise and Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman.  The 14 year-old made his acting debut with a small role in Will Smith’s Seven Pounds.  Now, he is signed on for a remake of 1984’s Red Dawn.  According to MSNBC:

Tom Cruise’s son is getting ready to for battle.

Connor Cruise will star in the remake of the 1984 film “Red Dawn,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Also joining the 14-year-old Cruise as soldier-fighting Wolverines in the remake are Isabel Lucas, Josh Hutcherson and Edwin Hodge.

Filming is slated to begin next month in Detroit, and the group of young actors will undergo military training in the coming weeks.

The “Red Dawn” remake is scheduled to hit theaters on Sept. 24, 2010.

Also, rumor has it Miley Cyrus is giving him acting lessons.  I don’t know about that, but last we heard she was starring in a remake of The Bodyguard.

We look forward to seeing Connor on the big screen!

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intycme Said on

HELL!!!!!NO!!!!! Will Smith is Will Smith and no one can compare. Great actor and rapper and I would just like to say keep up the good work

Desiree Rogers Said on

Congrats Connor.But, instead of trying to make him Will.People should just say the New Rising Connor something to that affect.Must be nice to live a life and go after your goals w/o someone over your shoulder trying to arrange or tell you what to do.W/o being around those who are jealous and just would not like to see you do anything.Dang Connor has it easy.Unfortunate for the rest of us who have to suffer through lies and fake regard for each other.You would think people would step back and leave others alone once it has been made perfectly clear there is no communication or getting to know wanted.Man, I would so love to just be able to relocate with my child on our own out of the South and begin a new life for ourself.If it was that easy.So many people would rather keep us here and hold me back.Ironic what life can dish to you.Well Congrats to Connor anyway.
Desiree Rogers
Camden,Arkansas 71701