Everyone but Will Smith is taking a recession hit

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 12:00 am.

willsA new article by The Los Angeles Times explains how even A-list actors are taking a deep pay cut from their ritzy salaries.  Once upon a time, Denzel Washington was paid $20 million per flick, but after re-signing up for Unstoppable, those digits were slashed to an undisclosed number.  Oscar winner Julia Roberts refused to take a paycut for The Proposal so the studio hired Sandra Bullock.  However, Will Smith’s paycheck isn’t suffering.

For basically everyone except Will Smith, salary quotes have evaporated, simply vanishing into thin air, as have the much-coveted first-dollar gross deals that top actors and filmmakers used to get. As one successful producer put it: “Quotes and first-dollar gross have just flown out the window — the studios simply won’t make those deals anymore,” he explained. “It’s all about what the role is worth in that particular movie. The studio pays for the lead actor or actress, but after that, well, the talent is just getting grinded. Everyone else is lucky to be working.”

Well, if actors are going from 20 to 10 million or 10 to 5 million — that doesn’t sound like too much suffering to me.

Do you think Hollywood should take a pay cut or are the actors already getting paid too much?


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Ava Said on

good for will a fine black actor!

Bunker Said on

I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

Jeffery A. Said on

I think most of the black actors and actress’ should get more money because we have been held down for alotta years, so get all the money yall can get.

Andrew Shawe Said on

What I recommend is that Hollywood does what every it has to do to stay in business, nothing more or nothing less. However, I do strongly advise that all employees of Hollywood must become more financially savvy. This means they should conduct due diligence in financial investing. Its imperative that they reach the level of ” The intelligent Investor” status. I recommend books such as cash flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki, The Millionaire Mind, The Millionaire Next Door, both books by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, Dictionary of Finance and Investing by Barrons, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Coleman, The richest man that ever lived, The richest man in Babylon. These are just a few books the employee’s of Hollywood should master and become financial savvy. The money that Hollywood actors make regarding a lot of them is a lot of money and they should not have to worry about surviving this economic storm if they invested their money properly. Moreover, they should have enough money to support themselves clearly and their family if they have a moderate to provide for would clearly be enough for the rest of their lives. If they do not recognize this fact they should start reading the above books I recommended especially the millionaire next door book. So the bottom line is that Hollywood actors who produced over a million dollars per year as an example should not have to worry about money if they invested correctly. The above clearly proves that a lot of actors in Hollywood wast their money mainly instead of properly using it for financial investing for survival purposes. This financial problem should stop.

Debor'ra Hall Said on

I’m a new actor, started late in my year’s, but I don’t look it. I wanted for my children to get grown. Going to audition, working as an extra and some parts. I also sing. I’m glad to get what I get. I’m going to keep my on call nursing job . I’m glad I learn as a widow raising my childred. I learn to make it, and enjoy life. But for actors use to living a certain life style, its hard for them to change. I live in LA now, I see people trying to keep up ( as they say )with the jones. I hear the stories, waiting to audition, its sad. Wait til singer’s get paid for everytime there songs are played. The radio are going to make cut’s to. We just all have to change. God Bless us all. We will be all right.

Maritza Said on

Folks in Hollywood are getting paid too much as it is.