Five Movies That Needed Sequels

Published by Clay Cane on Friday, February 4, 2011 at 8:00 am.

Sure, most sequels equal disaster but there are some characters that audiences fall so in love with that we want to see again. Here are a list of movies that should’ve had a sequel.

Love Jones (1997)Yes! We needed to know the outcome of Darius and Nina after kissing in the rain. Did Darius move to New York? Maybe Nina moved back to Chicago. Did Lisa Nicole Carson’s character continue to give bad advice and did she ever find a man? We all could’ve used a Love Jones sequel – now, the moment is gone.

City of God (2002)This is one of the greatest films ever made, which is about life in the favelas of Brazil. A follow-up to the boys of City of God would’ve been incredible and the main character, Rocket, played by Alexandre Rodrigues, was an interesting enough character. There was a Brazilian television show called City of Men that was inspired from the film and latest four seasons. However, there hasn’t been anything that brought together the surviving characters of the original.

Jackie’s Back (1999)Jackie’s Back should be an epic franchise like Harry Potter. Starring Jenifer Lewis as Jackie Washington, Jackie’s Back is a mockumentary on an aging star. The original included cameos from Whoopi Goldberg, Dolly Parton, Rosie O’Donnell and Loretta Devine. There has been talk of a sequel for years but it has never happened.

To Wong Fo (1995)Of course a sequel is no longer possible with the passing of Patrick Swayze but they should’ve had a follow up in the works as soon as production finished!  This Golden Globe nominated film is a cult classic. Although Swayze has passed, I would pay good money to see Wesley Snipes as Noxemma Jackson again!

Do The Right Thing (1989)
With the right script and the original cast, a sequel to Do The Right Thing would’ve been doable. The issues in Spike Lee’s classic are still the same — however, Brooklyn is so gentrified now that Do The Right Thing would need to be titled What The Hell Happened To Brooklyn?

What movies do you think needed sequels?

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