Gabourey Sidibe Wants Justin Timberlake To Be Her Oscar Date

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 12:00 am.

justintGabourey Sidibe has been all over the news after her Oscar nod for lead actress in Precious, she is only eighth Black woman to be nominated in this category. Gabby is probably battling off the boys now on who she will take to the Oscars, but she has Justin Timberlake in mind — or maybe Anthony Mackie. According to

“I want to make Justin Timberlake and (“The Hurt Locker” actor) Anthony Mackie fight it out for the honor of being my date,” Sidibe told the Canadian entertainment TV show “eTalk” this week. “I’m just going to throw them in the ring and make them do it!”

But if Sidibe had to narrow it down to one guy, her heart is set on Timberlake. At one point during the interview, Sidibe turns toward the camera and makes her direct appeal. “Justin,” she says, “if you’re not doing anything on that night, maybe you could be my date or something. It’s fine. No pressure!”

Gabby should be careful with Justin — the last time JT hung out with a sistah in public her bosom popped out and she was thrown under the sexist bus!  Gabby might want to go for Anthony Mackie — I’m just sayin’!


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Kyler G Said on

I love Gabby! She is simply amazing!

shad Said on

YIKES !!!!!!!!!

shad Said on

yikes !!!!!!!!!…good lord…

hope Said on

I see gabby is into the vanilla boys!

Shabooty Said on

I thought her pretend man in Precious was her man in real life.

liyah Said on

she’s pretty even tho she’s big

Tina Said on

Why not Justin? He is a cutie pie! You go Gabby… Good choice.

m Said on

what does big have to do with anything why cant she just be pretty? and noim not big i just get upset with comments like that it was probably ment to be a complimet but it kinda turned into an insult in some ways.

unknown Said on

Whateva Gabby…you are the wrong color-not to mention the wrong size. She better enjoy it while it lasts because her 15 minutes is almost up.

buetja Said on

Don’t pay attention to that last comment. If they were so great they would have put some kind of name instead of unknown, they some punks! You do what you want, the only thing he can say is no. If he says no then try the next person. Closed mouths don’t get fed!

Kimy Said on

Go girl! You can have whatever you like. Just keep doing you and always be true to yourself not anyone else.

vintage priest Said on

Gonna scratch my head on this one.

AJ Said on

Awww, you go for whoever you want Gabby babes! Either man would be crazy to say no, you’re too darling not to want to be around. Good luck and have a ball mamas!