Whoopi Goldberg: “He’s Not A Racist.”

Published by Clay Cane on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 12:00 am.

The Mel Gibson saga continues!  Yesterday, eight-minute audio was released of Gibson screaming and cursing at the mother of his child. Charges will potentially be put against the Braveheart star for domestic violence.

Before the new audio was released, Oscar winner and co-host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg reacted to Gibson using the N-word and said, “I know he’s not a racist — he may be a bonehead… I have had a long friendship with Mel… You can say he’s being a bonehead but I can’t sit and say that he’s a racist having spent time with him in my house with my kids.”

Hmm, I wonder what would qualify as Gibson being racist? He clearly thinks Black, Latins and Jews are inferior, whether or not his rants are drunk or sober. Goldberg has a personal relationship with Gibson but just because Mel has “Black friends” does not mean he isn’t racist.

We will see what Whoopi says today on The View when they discuss Mel’s latest diatribe.

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unknown Said on


MissKay Said on

This coming from the woman who thought it was ok for Ted Danson to show up in black face!

Kamille Mosberg Said on

I agree with you misskay,also i believe whoopee goldberg {not her real name,thinks she is a white jew} Is a racist and need to sit her fakeass down.That punkass mel gibson is a RACIST !!!!!!!!!!

Amanda D. Said on

I agree w/ this blogger, Clay Cane. Just b/c he spent time w/ Goldberg doesn’t mean he can’t have suppressed hatred against black folks – suppressed hatred that was released on that audio tape. When he made those anti-semitic comments against Jews a few yrs. ago, I knew he had to have hated black folks too. Those ppl usually hate all non Anglo-Saxons. Also, I agree w/ MissKay b/c Goldberg defended Ted Danson when he showed up at that awards show wearing black face. When will this woman stop embarrassing herself by defending white racists?

brane Said on

I thought whoopie is married to a white man-I’ve never seen or heard her with no other race other than white men. so why would she not defend mel gibson-he’s been around her house and children but I bet when she got him by himself behind close doors it was a different story- what cha think? but it is all good lets move on.

Dee Greene Said on

Whoopie thinks she’s right about everything and gets upset when you disagree with her. She talks to Sherri like dirt most of the time which gets on my nerves. For some reason through white men Whoopi feels validated. Mel is a racist, period. Whoopi loves to brag about her Hollywood friends. People who really have class don’t have to let everyone know who they know. In this case she is being naive and a jack ass. Mel was probably nice in Whoopi’s house that day because of what he was going to get before he left. She claims that she does not date black men because they don’t ask her out. She must think we’re all fools. She worships that white skin and needs psychological help to assist her with that self hatred that she is having a problem with. Who someone dates does not bother me but when you can\’t see that elephant in the room, you have a problem.

sean Said on

exactly this is coming from a woman who did think it was ok for ted danson to wear a black face, who listens to her anyway, and how could she say this, listen u dont say these kind of things if ur not, this is not something u say what did black people have to do with his russian lady anyway, a pack of niggers is what he said, we are not animals we are human beings mel gibson u idiot and whoopi for always trying to come to the defense of these racist caucasion friends of hers.

Dee Greene Said on

Personally I think they need to send Whoopi back to her farm in Vermont. Everyday we listen to her talk about kids and grandchildren like she’s the only one that ever had any. Her kissing up to Barbara is rather disgusting. She should have chapped lips by now. She had to tell us every day that she was a close friend of Patrick Swayze and that she was the only one who knew how he felt when he was dying. Then every now and then we have to listen to “Welcome to the Damn View”. What kind of way is that to open a daytime program with small children at home? She’s just crude. Plain and simple. I liked Starr talking about “Al” more than I can tolerate Whoopi. At least Starr has class.

daddyrich Said on

Whoopi needs to sit her dumb ass DOWN!

ptrco5 Said on

Dear Whoopi, go home and search for a copy of ROOTS. Stop playing the View house N###er! Stand for something. At least Steven spilberg had the backbone to face Mel Gibson. I appreciate that you do not believe you are an African American but please look in the mirror, YOU ARE NOT WHITE!

Amanda D. Said on

I agree everyone here but, the issue isn’t Goldberg, it’s Gibson. LET’S NOT LOSE SIGHT OF THE REAL PROBLEM HERE!

SOSA Said on



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