Guest Blogging: J’Nara Corbin on ‘The Karate Kid’

Published by Clay Cane on Friday, June 11, 2010 at 12:00 am.

karate-kid-jaden-smithHaving written about films like Good Hair, The Princess and the Frog, Just Wright and Sex and the City 2, I have enjoyed sharing my movie experiences, showing how what I witness on the silver screen mirrors my life. Prior to the lights going down in the Times Square theater for the advanced screening of The Karate Kid, I asked myself, “What in the world do I have in common with a 12-year-old boy who needs to learn Kung Fu to defend himself from bullies?” By the time the closing credits rolled, I answered that question with an unequivocal yet grossly understated “A lot!”

We all have had our share of bullies pop up in our lives; whether they struck fear into you on a playground during your younger years, or they never grew up and followed you into adulthood in the form of unrelenting bosses, bad boyfriends or “frenemies.” We have all had to show restraint by refraining from stooping to their level and slapping their mothers for not doing a better job of rearing these Neanderthals. A true Ultimate Fighter knows that the best fights are the fights we avoid… however, if you should find yourself backed into a corner, it would not hurt to have a Jackie Chan of your own to teach you some moves.

I am sure we all remember The Karate Kid of 1984.  Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita affixed the iconic “wax on, wax off” to the list of the ever-eclectic ’80s totally tubular terminology.  Will and Jada stepping in as producers proved to kick the action up a notch and brought this universal-themed tale of the triumph of the underdog to the 21st century!

Triumph is what this movie is all about. Grown men were yelling at the young boys on screen during the very grown up fight scenes. You would have thought they were in Las Vegas watching a title fight that held their child’s college tuition in the balance!

With punch after punch, kick after kick and Taraji P. Henson yelling, “That’s my baby!” — The Karate Kid left me with an unmistakable life lesson that leaps over all cultural barriers. Life will knock us down, but we can choose to get back up.

I tucked away “wax on, wax off” and replaced it with a mental note to start practicing the seemingly simplistic art of hanging up and picking up my jacket (you’ll get that line when you see it!).  So, I hit the streets of the Big Apple with a lil’ Sex and the City in my step, keeping my eyes open for my Mr. Just Wright and ready to do a quick “Hi-yah!” if the wrong man gets in my way!


J’Nara Corbin is a New York City-based actress and model. She is starring in the film, Finding Me, which is available  on DVD.  To read more of J’Nara’s work click here for Good Hair: Am I Good Enough?

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Jude Said on

Bully Bosses.. Great description! Im Sold!! I will be in attendance to check it out this weekend… Thanks!

Qiana Said on

This was an awesome review and very well written. I do plan on taking my family to see this new Karate Kid. I’ve went on other sights in search of peoples’ opinions on the movie and was dismayed to find that a lot of people are upset at the remake, the fact that Jayden Smith is black, and the fact that his parents were able to produce a movie for him to star in that will cast in right into the laps and hearts of children every where. Needless to say, your review was very refreshing.

jr Said on

in i havent seen this movie but i am looking forward to seeing the movie because i know its going to be off the chain in tight too write back in call me to

deonna Said on

hey i really enjoyed the movie is was really good and some of the parts made me cry because your a cute little boy btw my birthday was yesterday when the movie came out….

love always deonna marie..
and i rap ….

precious burns Said on

This is great movie that will inspire others.Also it is a fun and interesting movie that people will love to go see and enjoy. I specially like the part when jackie chan teah him karate. Jaden is such a cut,nice and good karate kid.

tamiya brim Said on

i know your mom little boy and she is very cute to me and i love your movie and is very cute and sexy to me

izamara Said on

Omg i love dis has great lessons 2 learn like no matter wat happens in life u gta get bak up n never give up.i aktually kries wot dis movie wen jackie chan kries.its awsome how it was aktually filmed in china n u get 2 c alot of the places there like da forbidden city n da place wit all da stairs dat get u 2 da top of a beutiful place.i love how da lady does da thingy wit da cobra.overall dis movie is sumtinu all gta c.kant wait 4 it 2 b out on dvd!

descants Said on

I saw the very first show yesterday and I have to say I gave the Karate Kid a 10+. Young Jayden Smith is an excellent actor. I will be seeing this movie again next week.

Ja'Breah Said on

didnt see da movie yet but i kno its gonna be a great movie…Jaden Smith is sexii!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Shawe Said on

I believe this above movie will be excellent even though I have not seen it yet, but will try to see it as soon as possible. Also, I would like to say I liked the one or two bars of rapping on Bet Friday from Jacky Chan, Jads and Taraji . Lastly, I would like to know if Terrence the host of Bet “resume” does not fit Taraji requirement for going out to dinner or dating then I would like to “submit my resume” as an alternative since he beat me to the question of asking Taraji out to dinner. Anyway, I wish all the above actors all the best in their future endeavors especially acting.

Brianna Said on


jr Said on

how karate kid go make somebdy cry its just a movie in i am a church boy in a movie boy because i watches a lot of movies some movies make you cry in some movies dont make you cry its just a movie its not like its a sad movie in i am the finest boy ever to in i cant wait to i see it in clarksdalein maybe me in jackie chan in chris tucker will meet one day in jackie i cnt wait to you make out rush hour 4 to fo i an see it espiciallythat one

stephanie Said on

I loved that movie, I must say some of the facial expressions reminded me of his dad (Will Smith) from Fresh Prince of Belair. I also cried when he cried.

Renee Said on

I can’t believe how far Jaden has come from the little boy in “The Pursuit of Happyness” to now in ‘The Karate Kid”! Awesome movie!!! I liked how they kept Jada and Will moved the story line from Detroit (my hometown) to Beijing, China!! Great Movie!!!