Guest Blogging: Actress J’Nara Corbin On ‘Just Wright’

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 11:50 am.

jnaracorbinAs the harsh New York winter finally makes way for spring, I find myself breathing in new life with the anticipation of fresh possibilities. The warmer weather brings winds of change and gentle breezes laced with potential love — as you folks know, spring cleaning comes in many forms!  Most people put away heavy coats. Others throw away old ideas, welcoming new ways of looking at love and life. The latest Fox Searchlight flick, Just Wright, is the perfect transition movie for viewers ready to embrace change, making room for romance.

Queen Latifah’s modern-day Cinderella story is a grown up fairy tale that forces the audience to accept the good, bad and ugly of a mature relationship. Latifah’s character, Leslie Wright, is a laid back, basketball-loving physical therapist from Jersey looking for a Prince Charming that can see beyond her tomboyish ways and view her as the queen she truly is. Scott McKnight is played by Common (there’s a man that’s just right!) is just the prince to recognize her royalty.

It’s not love at first sight by any means. This love took time, trust — and the dramatic exit of a trollop! Paula Patton plays Morgan, the Louis Vuitton-lusting woman hoping to make a husband out of Scott McKnight.  While Leslie made first contact with the neighborhood boy-turned-New Jersey Nets sensation, Morgan left nothing to chance and snatched Scott up, armed with a push-up bra and honed-in “Ho-Dar.”

Soon, Scott hits rock bottom with a knee injury on the court.  Leslie takes her passion for basketball and her skills as a physical therapist to pick him up. With tough love and laughter Leslie heals Scott’s knee and his heart.

That is real love boys and girls! Seeing a person when they are down and out, helping them get back on their feet (literally!), and realizing that what a person does for a living is not an indicator of who they are as a person. Many women and men should take note of that lesson.

I decided to walk home from the theatre on a warm Manhattan night. A mere 20-some-odd-block trek was welcomed with a smile. Although I knew the chances of running into my special someone during my evening stroll was slim to none, I walked away from Just Wright knowing that he would most definitely show up right on time.

Just Wright is in theaters nationwide Friday, May 14.

J’Nara Corbin is a New York City-based actress and model. She is starring in the film, Finding Me: Truth, which is in theaters this summer.  For more of her work, you can read her commentary on Princess and the Frog and Chris Rock’s Good Hair.

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Roule Said on

Love the writing J’Nara! And the positivity also – keep up the outstanding work!

Tiffany Said on

Great piece J!!!!

Debbie Said on

Am so proud of you. loved the article and keep up the good work. Blessings areon the way!!!!!!!

Andrew Shawe Said on

I think the above movie is worth seeing for the simple fact the above young lady who is a lovely native New Yorker will be acting in it.

Talmadge L. Darden Said on

God gives everything you need in life, but until you understand that the person you see in the mirror must be loved unconditionally first. Honesty,trust, faith, joy, peace, strength, courage,patience,communication,listening, and love are some of the qualities that help becoming a great partner. No one should have a Mr. Right or Mrs. Right without first working on themselves to be the reflection of what they desire from someone else as well. There are no true quick fix relationships only fool’s gold, but a real and solid relationship requires work from both partners. We live a mirocwave society which means everything in a minute or less, but throughout our experiences and our maturity level we see our mistakes through an honest lens. Stop blaming others, but look inside yourself to see what will make you better then God will give the person you need in your life in that moment. You can not receive your blessings with your heart, your mind, your spirit, your hands, and your eyes closed to God either! Watch out for what you pray for or ask for in life because timing and preparation are vital keys true happiness for self love always! Peace and joy, Talmadge L. Darden

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