Michael Jackson never went Hollywood

Published by Clay Cane on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 12:00 am.

michaeljacksonNowadays, if you have multi-platinum success or a minor hit record, you are running to Hollywood to become a box office superstar. Beyonce, 50 Cent, Usher – the list is endless. But, the late-great King of Pop never ventured into Hollywood. The icon was strictly focused on the music and in retrospect it’s refreshing to think he didn’t need “movie star” under his belt. Take Prince for example, his Purple Badness did well with Purple Rain but Under the Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge are movies that even Prince’s greatest fans dislike. Who can forget Madonna’s string of film disasters from the ’80s to the ’90s?

Michael did one movie in his over 40-year career in the entertainment industry. In 1978, he starred in The Wiz, along with Diana Ross, as the Scarecrow. While the film failed at the box office, Michael’s performance was praised and his duet with Miss Ross, “Ease On Down the Road,” hit #41 on the Billboard Hot 100. One can only imagine the doors of Hollywood were open to MJ. He was supposed to play in a remake of Peter Pan, which never happened. Despite some small movie cameos — the King of Pop didn’t want to become the King of Hollywood, which he probably could’ve done if he wanted to.

Nonetheless, Mike did work with the Hollywood A-list in his videos that were like mini-movies. Martin Scorsese directed “Bad,” John Landis was on “Thriller” and “Black or White,” and Spike Lee directed “They Don’t Care About Us.”

Check out the clip of Michael in The Wiz.

Michael Jackson in THE WIZ – Watch more Funny Videos

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Alyssia Said on

Thats a very true statement about his pursuit of music first. As they said today, he studied music and truly had a love for it so I’m glad that he chose to stick to music. And I loved the Wiz. He was so wonderful as the scarecrow. There are not many people who can claim to be present in the charts over almost every decade they were alive. He will be missed and I know that his music will live on forever. That is the legacy that he leaves behind and it is one that he should be very proud of.

shenikathompson Said on

This is one of my favorite movies..The Wiz was an excellent expression of; make a better place/man in the mirror. There was so many messages about an issue that black americans face even in 2009. It tells how the society we live in shapes our mind and thoughts and what we believe of ourselves to be true. Or leave others to condemn our minds to believe is true.. that you should give up. ?But for what? To be hopeless. Michael Jackson did not never give up on what he loved … helping people believe in them self and make a change. Don’t give up. “there are people dying, if you care enough for the living” We have to seek truth…My favorite part… The scare crow got down after some positive words. and believed in his self to make a change. So he got down off that post and realized he had a brain all along. there was so many positive messages in this movie i could go on for hour I would watch it but somebody borrowed it and never returned it… guess i have to go to Barnes and nobles and get another one.

Johnny RoseJr Said on

Michael Jackson and his family are legendary. His legacy will live on forever. All of his music etc is gaining in sales and possibly the statospheric porportions in the future.The Wiz was extraordinary and Michael as the scarecrow was great with the cast.The Tin man cracked me up with laughs. It would be nice if BET played it on television along with Moonwalker but I am sure everyone in TV land will forget him like all of the Icons.Hopefully, the world will remember him for being a humanitarian and of course his ground breaking music etc.It would be nice if Disney and its brand revive the 3D performance from Captain EO even if it was released on DVD would be great for the new school who have not seen it.Go to YouTube to see Michael magic.Rest in Peace, now you are with the Heavenly Father where the media cannot hurt you anymore.Peace!

Jazzy Pike Said on

I think that it’s cool that Michael Jackson never gave up his passion for Hollywood. If he did, we wouldn’t have Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous,HIStory, Blood On the Dance Floor, Invincable, and all of the great compilations and greatest hits.

sheryl Said on

MJ was for music and helping the needy not to go to hollwood celebrate the king life for music

Rodney Holsten Said on

Michael we miss you we Love” so must see is the men in Gary.
I am from Gary Ind too that is why i can say that Michael is the men we Love
you MJ”””’

James M Said on

What about his 30 plus movie music videos like “Ghost” and “Moonwalker” and another video he made but I forgot the title of it. Michael has proven that he is a great actor.

jj Said on

i agree with james M……he did his thang in all his video’s……..and i guess itz a good thing he didnt go hollywood…think about it

mrs jade Said on


lexus Said on

i might be 11 but i love me some micheal jackson i used to listen to all his songs but i love him in this movie the wiz ha ha ha that was so funny every body like micheal jackson he meant the world to us.when i heard he died i was sick but R.I.P micheal jackson you will always be in our hearts and you will for ever be the king of pop.the world will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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sam Said on

you guys really need to show this movie! I’m 14 and I’m just in love with this movie!Do you know how many people would be watching this! we love you michael jackson <3 always and forever!

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