Mo’Nique Wins The Globe; Mariah Shows Her Globes

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, January 18, 2010 at 12:00 am.

monique Precious won only one award last night at the 67th Annual Golden Globes, but Mo’Nique stole the show with her acceptance speech for best supporting actress. It was no shocker, Mo’Nique beat out some heavy-hitters for her stunning performance as Mary Jones, an abusive mother. A teary Mo’Nique graciously accepted the Golden Globe thanking her husband and the director of Precious, Lee Daniels. She also added for those who have been abused: “It’s now time to tell and it’s OK.”

When Drew Barrymore won for best actress in a miniseries or TV movie, she was so moved by Mo’Nique she said, “You said everything that so many people feel.  You are the most eloquent, beautiful human being.”

Congratulations Mo’Nique!  This makes her a shoe-in for the Oscar!

Backstage, Mo’Nique said, “I don’t know — to say me winning has a great importance on what the message is.  I think the message is far more important than anything…if that one life was changed, we won. So that message is more important than anything.”

The night continued with a cancer-stricken Michael C. Hall winning for his role in Showtime’s Dexter, Sandra Bullock winning for best actress in The Blind Side and James Cameron snagged best director and best film for Avatar.  Also, the legendary Martin Scorsese was honored by Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio with the Cecil B. Demille award.  Meryl Streep set a record for winning the most Golden Globes of any actor with her seventh win for Julie & Julia.

The night was also filled with mentions of relief efforts for Haiti.

Presenters included Samuel L. Jackson, Mike Tyson and a beautiful Halle Berry.  But, probably one of the most talked about moments of the night was Mariah’s bosom — she had her own set of Globes.  Gotta love Mimi! mariah

Click here for photos from the 67th Annual Golden Globes.

Here is a complete list of winners.

Watch the video of Mo’Nique’s acceptance speech.

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debra callihan Said on

I am so proud of you, I cried because you are am awesome lady and w/ a beautiful spirit as well. Keep doning what you do. God has many more blessings to shower upon you and your family. My husband, is waiting for a kidney and also has m/s. But when he saw you that you won he said, you go girl, and almost jumped out of his wheelchair. I was there to catch him. We love you and may God continue to bless you and that lovely smile that makes us so proud. Debra & Michael Callihan (Seattle,WA)

Sonia Said on

Congratulations Mo’Nique!!! I cried, laugh and thanked God when you won and gave your acceptance speech.The Golden Globe. I’m sure you will win Oscar next!!

debrakilgore Said on

Mo, I am overjoyed. Girlfriend you are doin the damn thang. Go and get that Oscar honey your name is all over it. Congrats!

Tosha Said on

I wish you all the best , You Go Girl

apple j Said on

Congratulations Mo’Nique you go girl am so proud of you.Your number one fan

dee Said on

congratulations mo’nique now i can talk about how i have been talk down on abused run out beat down on by my own cuz .you did it for me and i love you for it i have a long way to go but with god i well pull my life back thx thx thx thx you

valerie Said on

Monique this is a precious thing to see you evolve into an beautiful actress.I love your realness continue to follow your dreams God is not thru blessing you. Don’t listen to the naysayers even though we do. When their talking about you,that only means you have done something worth talking about. Continue to give them something to talk about. Before long baby you will be a household name.

gaynell udoh-nichols Said on

Mo’Nique ,my sister black queen, I congulate you on your success,and your endover. You did play the role, of Mary Jane, . The world, needs’ to be educated, and enlighted. There is so, many young woman, and young ladies . whom are in need of a lot of self fullfill help. This one why, of sheding , light of the universie, and opeining their, eyes! Hopefuly, this has, and they will not have to be slient no more. No more Pain , or Shame , and Guilt thinking they are the blame for something, that they did not volate upon them. But were only the viticem.

alex Said on

That was great speech you made was beautiful and wish you the best and of course mariah you LOOK GREAT like always of course U GO GIRLS……….

Scared To Tell Said on


I thank you for you ability to make me laugh, cry, scream, and think. I am a victim of molestation, whose first cousin thought it was okay touch me. Although I couldn’t watch the whole, the parts I saw really hit home for me. I had read the book years ago and thought wow this needs to be a movie. Thank God Lee Daniels thought so too. I now believe it’s okay to tell, however I pray my family won’t turn their backs on me….God Bless and much continued success!

alicia Said on

girl you are getting slim ……………………………………….r u going to stop curse those skinny girls out there now that u are going to b e skinny like them……………………. proud of u girl u got that award u deserved it, congrats you look great keep up…..

Pauline Said on

MoNique you deserve that award,, I never seen an actress put so much heart and soul into a movie. I know that people were touch by that movie. I was touch by it and it gave me the strength to speak to a friend about her behavior. I helped her daughter, get some help for the daily verbal abuse she suffers from her mother. It made me realize that when a person see abuse and say it’s not my problem, I have nothing to do with that situation, I was wrong, It is my responsibility and as well as anyone who witnes abuse to report it.

Thank you MoNique for that one night that I watch your show when you had the cast from Precious on it and I saw just how much it took out of ou to play a roll like that. You deserve the Golden Glove and even that OSCAR. May God continue to bless you with much more success.

Vera Said on

Ms.MoNique we love you for free suga, may God bless you with all the blessings that comes your way. Thank youso much Mo you are the best I really and truly love you, Thanks for coming to Norfolk Scope

Ericka Said on

Congrats on your Golden Globe win. U deserve it! I work in the field of child protection and the character you played is a sad but true reality for many children. I appreciate that you took the role serious and portrayed what abuse is and the lasting effects that it has.Thanks for being a beacon and a light for child abuse, and thanks for placing abuse at not just the office but in homes and churhces where the true healing of abuse begins. May God continue to bless you and your efforts.

tessa glean john Said on

that movie made me cry and for that i thank monique your role was that of a evil bastard i disliked you for that but its called acting, an you were great.

juice24 Said on

Love u

bernice anderson Said on

mo’Nique,I love your show and I just want to say keep doing what you’re doing.I have to say yes you really played that part to the T.Love Ya girl!

elizabeth Said on

Mo’Nique there r not enough words to say what u said how it meant to me.. the best thing u said was ” its ok to tell”!!! An that it is—-OK

Lucy Said on

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Mo, You go girl, I am so proud of you, and you deserved to win, and thank you for putting God first. I hope you receive many more awards. Love you for free sugar!