Movie Review: Why Did I Get Married Too?

Published by Clay Cane on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 11:45 am.

whydidigetmarriedSummary: Four married couples reunite in the Bahamas for their annual retreat. In true Tyler Perry style, comical and over-the-top drama ensues, forcing the couples to examine their relationships.

Review: Sequels for romantic comedies are as risky as sequels for horror films. If the chemistry works the first time, it’s hard to match it twice, especially in films where every possible plot line has been squeezed out of the genre. Tyler Perry’s first Why Did I Get Married? is critically his best film. While Why Did I Get Married Too? shows progression in his work, the movie does not equal the wit and cohesiveness as the first.

What’s missing most in Married Too? is the polish of the 2007 version. The structure of the original, regardless of complaints from critics, helped move the film forward with sharp commentary on love. This time around, Perry relies on lengthy improvised scenes that seemed misplaced and at times poorly shot. Perry is attempting to create a family-like intimacy, but several scenes resembled rehearsal footage.

A signature of Perry’s work is several plots packed into one movie. Here, we have financial issues, emotional cheating, verbal abuse, cell phone drama, cancer, divorce, death and more. By the end, some of the premises are completely dropped or tied up with one or two closing lines. Some trimming of the script, especially for a movie that clocked in at two hours, would’ve made Married Too? a much more solid movie, driving home the central point, which is the resiliency of love and wanting to make a relationship work.

Acting-wise, Janet Jackson proves again she does have the chops (the emotional scene with Janet crying on the steps and the three other girls consoling her, tops anything in a Sex and the City movie), but I would like to see her skills in a better script.  Jill Scott, Malik Yoba, Sharon Leal, Tasha Smith (sometimes her boisterous hollering didn’t translate as well in this sequel, but Smith’s charisma is still infectious) and the rest of the cast clearly gave their best, but that wow factor just didn’t happen for the characters in 2010.

Regardless, there are several moments in the film. There are laughs, some thought-provoking lines, you are entertained more than you are not — and Cicely Tyson.  Any reason to see her on screen is worth it.

Perry doesn’t pander to critics. His intent is to make positive films about Black family life without violence, sex, or drugs. Some filmmakers like to push buttons and make the earth move, like a Spike Lee or Lee Daniels. Perry’s morals and values, regardless of art, will always come first.

Why Did I Get Married Too? is in theaters now.

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Ann Said on

I really enjoyed the movie. Tyler is a brilliant actor/writer/director. The movie did have several storyline going on at one time but that because the movie consisted of four couples experiencing four different problems. The movie had closure and I liked that. Jack Daniels, I feel it is immature and plain ignorant to call this man out of him name in such a disrespectful manner. I do not see such comments after watching an Adam Sandler or Steve Martin movie. Show some class.

Elicia Said on

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the movie and want to see it for myself. I don’t see why people bash Tyler Perry for making movies about situations that many black families and indivuals are dealing with daily. I will enjoy seeing yet another TP production and many more in the future
By the way Woolridge in Boston, has anyone ever told you that you should never tell who dies at the end of the movie- I bet your friends just going to movies with you -thanks for ruining it for those of us who haven’t seen it yet-

Uplifting the Black Race Said on

Wow. I have not read one comment that was not grammatically incorrect or a spelling catastrophe. I would love to see more noun and verb agreement as you express your “educated” opinion regarding your movie-going experience. Education. Education is the key.

raven Said on

this is why us as black people can’t better our self because the only thing we do is talk about each other in stead of trying to support one another. the only reason that people CLAIM they didn’t like the movie is because of janet. i mean really, yall need to get over the whole super bowl thing. if it was beyonce yall would be kissing her ass. if you can support her then why not do the same for janet. i have to say that the movie was great and that tyler did a excellent job.

Eve Said on

The “crabs in a barrel” syndrome is so tired! If you could do it better why didn’t you! My “opinion” I felt the movie was great! Everything that has breathe has room for improvement. I love Tasha Smith, she is too funny. If you have not seen the movie check it out and form your own opinion.


I agree with you 100%. The movie was all over the place. Issues were given, but not handled properly to me. I enjoyed #1 better because it was more spritual than #2. Sure people have issues, but there was too much drama goingnon to follow this movie. For 2 hours drama scene after drama scene. It was okay. I am a BIG Tyler Perry fan and will continue to support him. I just think this movie was rushed and not one of his better movies. But keep on doing the THANG Tyler . You are GREAT!!!

Regg Said on

Incomplete at tha end but a ok part 2 to the movie…gun scene was craze

t Said on

The movie to me was great! Yes there were some things that could have been elaborated on that were not but that’s okay. A lot of people are trying to figure out the reason of Janet’s breakdown. If you look back on the first movie we see that she didn’t grieve the death of her son. Her character is one that keeps everything bottled up inside and some point the bottle will explode so for me that explains why she had her break down!

noneya Said on

I liked the movie… I personally thought the first was better, but enjoyed this one as well. As far as Tyler Perry not using violence in any of his movies… That’s not correct. Most of his movies have some form of violence in them, especially towards women, (DIary of a Mad Black Women, Family Reunion, etc). It may be more subtle because its not the usual “shoot ‘em up” type violence, but it is there.

cmajor Said on

i liked the movie. i saw the first one and thought the second was a funny and dramatic follow-up. i went to see “married too” twice in one day. it was fun to experience two different audiences. the morning show was packed and the evening showings were sold-out! Go Tyler….

Janee Said on

To hater Jack Daniels… dare you call him out his name…..please….. believe….. you not spending another dime will not hurt Tyler Perry’s pocket…….people like you need JESUS….i will pray for you………

Janee Said on

And by the way…….yes…. I am a huge fan of Tyler Perry…love his work…..and the movie was great!

Amanda D. Said on

Before I read your review, I didn’t think I was going agree w/ it However, I actually do. And, yes Janet is a great actress but, this movie does not do her acting justice b/c there are scenes in this film that were poorly written. I don’t think the entire script was poorly written, though. And, Tyler usually has scenes of women getting abused by men which, is very uncomfortable for me to watch (particularly in this film) so, I really don’t think agree that he makes positive w/out violence.

thw Said on

You guys have to check out this new up & coming playwright by the name of Tiffany Hayden-Williamson {}. I’ve never seen a stage play like this in my life!!! This girl is incredible & talented!!!

jackson Said on

The movies was great from the beginning to the end I hope there is a part three

raven Said on

All the negativity people here are writing is just confirming my last post. I have yet to see anyone say something bad about the OTHER ACTORS PERFORMANCE. Everyone wants to jump on Janet’s performance. ” I didn’t understand it” ” It was bad” ” so just because Michael is gone so basically she is next Jackson to be run in the ground like he was. Sorry if anyone get upset then you need to take a long look at yourself and get it together.

virginia Said on

Tyler Perry is a GENIUS!!! You can get my money antee time. from homeless to multimillionare, positivety, truthfulness, hope, love, happiness, sadness, greatness!!!!!that what i think about everything this man puts out, and he is GOD’S child can’t get any better than that. KEEP IT MOVIN TYLER PERRY

Why Did I Get Married Too Reviews Blogs | Broadcasting News Said on

[...] Summary: Four married couples reunite in the Bahamas for their annual retreat. In true Tyler Perry style, comical and over-the-top drama ensues, forcing the.Read more [...]

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