Oprah Confirmed For ‘Colored Girls’

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 12:00 am.

oprah.jpgAs previously reported, Tyler Perry will be directing For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. There are rumors of the cast, which might include Taraji P. Henson, Mary J. Blige and others. However, in an interview with Black Voices, Oprah confirmed she was be one of the colored girls.

Tyler Perry mentioned your name for one of the roles in his new film ‘Colored Girls.’ Will you do it?
OW: Yeah, I’m one of them. I don’t even know what lady I am. I haven’t acted in 10 years. We’re going to see. He’s writing a script, and let’s see what happens. I want to see it. I love the idea of getting back to acting. I’m happiest when I’m doing it. Nothing makes me happier than being on set with a movie that I really care about. Acting is fun because you get to move yourself out of your own space and become somebody else. Acting is like a vacation for me. It’s a relief.

For those of you who don’t know, Oprah is an Oscar nominee for The Color Purple and she received critical acclaim for her role in The Women of Brewster Place.

Sounds like Colored Girls is going to be a bonafide hit!


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secole13 Said on

I’m glad to here that the O. is going to be in another movie she is great on screen. And to top it off T.P. is the producer of the movie. great combo those 2. Can’t wait to see, O. you deserve to have a “vacation” whenever you want you do so much for the world. I love you O!! There is a place in heaven waiting for you when you make your transition. Everyone can’t claim this!! P.S Russell S. has this same energy….Save the world…..can’t leave you out Mr. T. Perry!!!

knockout Said on

she on stage everday wht. she wont to do that for… O keep to the oprah show please…

Esther Said on

Oprah, why don’t you give other young aspiring actresses a chance? Don’t you have enough? There are so many struggling black actresses. Give someone else a chance…how much money can you make in a lifetime? If you want to be in a movie, then use your money and make one and star in it.

tay h. Said on

They should do 4 color girls who were killed in that church in alabama I see what Spike Lee is talking about comedy cool but he should do more reality what’s going on now and what went on I actually thought he was doing but I guess I was wrong it’s all love to tyler perry and oprah winfrey keep doing ya thing

hotspot shield Said on

For someone new with little experience?

Anne Said on

I think Oprah has the right to do what fulfills her, it’s not about the money. Also, her appearance in the movie will increase its chance of succeeding. It will open doors for the production of similar movies where other actresses can have opportunities, so it’s all good.

Lisa Said on

I think the movie will be a great hit keep doing u tyler well i am a little sick of oprah winfrey try somethin different with yourself like the brother said give soneone else a chance!!!!!

uberVU - social comments Said on

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tiaunaeasl Said on

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alurawilk Said on

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Michelle DeVore Said on

Tay H how is this movie a comedy? How was his last movie a comedy? You and Spike need to shu tup and if Spike thinks something is wrong with movies now he needs to get off his butt and make one.He made 4 good movies (mostly because of the people in them) and he thinks he can talk about people give me a break.

Betty Said on

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