‘Phantom Punch’ Trailer

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, March 16, 2009 at 12:19 am.

punchPhantom Punch is the story of Sonny Liston, an underrated boxer who was once the heavyweight champion of the world — before the reign of Muhammad Ali. It was Ali who snatched the title from Liston in a fight that goes down in sports history.

The story of the film is almost as interesting as the movie. Starring Ving Rhames and Stacey Dash, the movie finished production over a year ago and still has not found distribution. Nonetheless, the official trailer has hit the web. Unfortunately, there is no word on a release date on film or DVD.

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Angela Said on

I am a big fan of Ving Rhames and would love to see this movie. I hope it comes out soon!

tbolt Said on

Any movie with the Super Sexy Stacy Dash in it… has my vote and my $$$ Lets make this happen.. hope she shows some flesh!!

WARREN Said on

very interesting!

cherry Said on

this movie sounds awesome, i cant wait to see wh won the role of The Greatest of all time Ali

toni Said on

i cant wait to see this movie. i want to see who is doing the Ali part

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