Prince Biopic: Brian White, Chris Brown?

Published by Clay Cane on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 12:00 am.

PrincebiopicAfter a watermarked TMZ image of Jamie Foxx as Prince hit the web, allegedly (I hope it’s allegedly), Foxx is rumored to star in a Prince biopic.  I love Foxx’s impressions of Prince, but I just don’t see him as “His Purple Badness.” I will forever see Foxx as Ray Charles.

Some names to consider would be Evan Ross, Adam Rodriguez from I Can Do Bad All By Myself, but I think the best match — with the right perm and eyeliner — the up-and-coming Brian White.  White doesn’t have Prince’s height, but he has some diverse acting chops to make sure the Oscar and Grammy winner’s story doesn’t turn campy.

Now, just hear me out on this one… if Chris Brown could channel his feminine side, I could actually see him as Prince.  He could certainly do the dances and Lord knows it would soften this suddenly bad boy image he received in 2009.  He wants to be an actor, so why not take a risk.

Just to go a lil’ further, I would love to see Zoe Saldana or Paula Patton as Vanity, Eva Mendez as Apollonia and Terrence Howard as Morris Day.

A Prince biopic is a good idea in the right hands.  The “Purple Rain” hit maker has an interesting story; he supposedly struggled with racial identity (even though both his parents are Black), he was a musical prodigy, and went through some legendary battles with his band and record label.  Plus, the enigma that surrounds the Minneapolis native is always fascinating.  Nonetheless, Prince fans are picky, so whoever does it better get it right!

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princeismybaby Said on

Ok yes we prince fans are picky no one can play my baby but him muah

VVS Said on

Who does Prince think should play him? That’s the question!


Why can’t Prince play his own part! But if you just had to get someone else, then let it be Chris Brown.. Love them both.

samantha Said on

First of all…Jamie Foxx……he’s ugly and not light skinned……b. white…maybe…c. brown….nah…you’re right no feminie enough….e. brown…maybe……but can he sing….paula patton for sure…..z. saldana or e. mendez……forget it about it…..both too skinny. z. too dark….eva to old….i do like eva though……….and please not ‘looks like he’s stuck in the 60’s nappy greasy t. howard…….and btw………both of Prince’s parents are not black…duh, get your facts straight.

Anne Said on

That’s tough! Can’t imagine anyone pulling off a serious portrayal of Prince except Prince himself (Jamie Foxx’s hilarious comedic portrayal’s don’t count.) Hope they find someone good. The role deserves a serious and accurate but not overdone portrayal.

gemmie Said on

Jamie ain’t pretty enough to portray Prince and thats all there is to it.

naadiq5 Said on

whoever they choose PLEASE DON’T F%$# UP!! i would choose either brian white or evan ross definitely

cheryl turner Said on

Evan Ross or Brian white I think Brian White is to tall though Evan Ross has his same demeaner.

Nikki Said on

i say let rihanna play him

mel Said on

I don’t think anyone can play Prince, he might as well do it himself..
The only one that sings like prince is Jamie foxx, but no that won’t cut it..

the one Said on

Are you serious, I can’t imagine anyone playing his fine pretty self… So I’ll be interested om finding out who get the part. Please don’t disappoint. Just like most on the page I agree he needs to play himself… love you Prince with your gorgeous self.

Alisa Said on

Nikki’s comment is hilarous!! Lol but My baby Chris of course….

KiKI Said on

I feel like Price can just play himself.. He is still young looking and and still sexy..

Toi Said on

I feel like Prince can just play himself. He is still young looking to play it off and do a dam good job. The other picks no they will not be able to pull it off. Lets not make another flop movie of a music icon.

Yolanda Said on

I think Katt williams would make a perfect Prince. Right height, right size frame, relaxed hair and he’s a comedian that can emulate him very well.


i truly feel that the actor chosen 2 play prince should be someone new and unknown. anyone else would probably be scrutinized 2 death. prince is one of the greatest musicians in the world. his story wil have 2 be portrayed with care, perciseness, and much attention 2 detail. this project will be monumental undertaking, so it MUST be done in a way that would bring no dishonor 2 the man and his story. so, the actors MUST be carefiully chosen in order 2 portray the genius in…his story.

T-Bird of Covington, GA Said on

I don’t see really any of the for mentioned playing Prince. Evan at best.
Do yall remember EDDIE GRIFFIN doing a Prince skit? He palyed the hell
out of the man. Now I could see him doing it and I know he”s not light skin
but with makeup and technology these days you pretty much can be who
or what ever you want. Somebody call Eddie & tell him to through his hat
in the ring for this part.

Anna Said on

Chis Brown lol will never happen in this lifetime, Evan Ross would be perfect, Samantha YOU need to get your facts straight, its a well know fact that both of his parents are black……….duh

Anna Said on

Sorry typo well known fact.

danny Said on

Who cares? He’s **$#% and black?
got it!!