Queen Latifah Talks ‘Precious’

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, November 30, 2009 at 12:00 am.

aqueenThe Lee Daniels film, Precious, is moving the world.  The movie has already grossed over 32 million at the box office and only had a production budget of 10 million. Performances from Mo’Nique and Gabourey Sidbe are considered award-worthy.

Oscar nominee, Queen Latifah, wrote about her Precious experience, mainly Paula Patton’s performance, to Variety.com.

From the minute she appears in the film you can’t help but feel blanketed in the warmth and kindness of her character. She feels the pain and past tragedies of her students but she doesn’t harp on the negative. She lifts them up and she carries them forward. She gives them hope and a sense of themselves and in the process she gives the audience a reason to keep going on Precious’ journey no matter what’s in store.

Great words from the Queen!  How was your Precious experience?

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Jennifer M Said on

I hate to go there but does she feel Paula Patton’s characted in the movie anymore because she plays a lesbian? I didn’t like the movie at all by the way.

Llerron Said on

Can’t wait til’ she comes out of the closet! I love the Queen!

Tiffany Said on

I have to admitt the movie is very, very rividing. Those things that Precious faced are still happening in 2009. And I mean not just some of it but ALL OF IT. It is a bad situation that until the end of the movie you you really don’t understand how bad it could be. I praise the actors and the director and the author for bringing this type of movie to the forfront when it is over and over considered a “taboo” subject in the African American community. Bravo to them for having the courage to make a movie that can and will impact and touch all those who see it.

corian Said on

Well dis movie really touched me. I’m happy i’m not going trough that right now, because everything that happen in that movie is going on now in 2009.Thanks to the actors, director, and authors for bringing this movie out. it will have a big impact on the people who see it.

RavenV Said on

Dis movie was very good. Some of these thing that precious was going through is happening in the world now. To girls and boys.

inseparable Said on

Mariah Carey is extremeley amazing in the movie,even though she’s not good looking as usual but her perfomance was way beyond my expectations & she also deserve an Oscar nomonation!

Rhonda Said on

I saw it this past Saaturday. It was ‘Riveting and Thought Provoking.
Paula Patton did a good job. She is becoming a very good actress.
Mariah was so, so, just like ‘Glitter’.

The girl in the title role did a very good job. I feel Monique ‘Over Acted.

shortback Said on

Now you all know that the Queen just said that cause she is gay and so is paula patton character. Sadd

Heather Fullcrest Said on

Paula Patton (age 34), nearly ruined the entire “Precious” movie for me… it’s as if she was stuck into the movie, or pasted into the movie after it was finished. Paula Patton is not a good actress at all and she truly ruined the realism of the entire film. It was painful to watch. I have no idea why Lee would have chosen her for this film. Everyone I know stated that the role of the teacher should have gone to someone who can actually act. That would have made the movie precious and more realistic. Other than that, the movie was great and indeed “thought provoking”. I really wish directors would focus more on actresses who can actually act and not select actresses just because of who their husbands are or because of what their face looks like.

Queen Latifah, however, is in my opinion one of the greatest actresses of our time. Queen Latifah, my friends, deserves much MORE credit and dues than she has been given. Queen Latifah should have won at least 3 or 4 Oscars by now… Queen Latifah would have been much BETTER in the teacher role than Patton. Or even Regina King… or Jada Smith. Seriously, watching Queen Latifah act is like watching Leonardo Davinci paint… Queen Latifah IS a precious actress. Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful holiday!

Melissa Long Said on

The movie was awesome. It was sardonic with alot of symbolizism and ethical issues (Comedy/tragedy).
When I saw this movie weeks ago, I noticed the group of people that were laughing the most.. “Funny, but sad!
Its mothers that speak that way to their children and think nothing of it. I would love to see a play with the same characters.
Monique’s deserves an Oscar Award for her performance and Confidence. I’m wondering who helped her with the masculinity? And how and why did she get choosen for that type of Role(comedian/tragic). Mariah Carey’s role is something that need to investigated in the Social Work Systems around the World. I was devasted how long it took the social worker to help Precious. ” Uuhpfh, I guess thats why Precious stole her paper work. I have to by the DVD asap.

Lisa Said on

The movie was good. It hurt to watch some of it, but there were some laughs like when the lady was talking to Precious on the intercom and Precious had to put on for her momma and get that lady away from there. I must see it again, of course, to check out the teacher’s acting because she seemed to be a first-time teacher with few skills to me. I’m so glad I had strong, black, church-going, educated women around me when I was in elementary school — they got the job done. They were lights that led the way, if a child was having problems, they took time to deal with whatever was going on and knew who to turn to for help with tact and common sense. I wish all teachers would wake up and see God’s work and add to it instead of taking away all the fun out of school. We need to pray for our teachers and leaders. My granny says that when we pray angels are released on the earth to help us.