Samuel L. Jackson Turned Away From Inauguration

Published by Clay Cane on Friday, January 23, 2009 at 8:22 am.

samjacksonYou might have wondered why you didn’t see more celebrities at President Barack Obama’s swearing in ceremony this past Tuesday. Tony Okungbowa, Ellen DeGeneres‘ resident DJ on her daily talk show, reported that big stars were turned away.

Samuel L. Jackson, Mariah Carey (Carey recently received rave reviews for her performance in Push, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival this week), and even Reverend Jesse Jackson were told they could not attend the greatest historical moment in this generation due to crowding.

On Wednesday, Tony explained even with Ellen’s press credentials he was turned away because of overcapacity, “We saw Maroon 5 get turned away, Mariah Carey, Jesse Jackson — Samuel L. Jackson apparently didn’t even get in.  So we were in good company, but a lot of other people got turned away. But, I’ll tell you what was most important, even though they got turned away, everyone was still celebrating. It was such a great atmosphere.”

Well, that day in Washington D.C. everyone was equal, not even a little Hollywood glamour could help you.  I just hope Mrs. Cannon wasn’t wearing those extra short daisy dukes!  It was viciously cold in D.C. — sexy and frozen isn’t a good look for Mimi!

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Carol Murphy Said on

Rule of thumb –”In DC (always) the early bird–gets the worm”

doozied Said on

yeah! I heard that nick and mimi got turned away. I was there. I even saw people with tickets that still did not get in the gates, and people were very upset. I was upset myself because at the capitol they didn’t have any t.v screens or speakers. For people to watch obama’a swearing in. We all had to bungle up in scattered groups all around the street capitol and listen to portable radios individuals had, to listen to barack obama’s speech. even though it was upsetting, but it was still an awsome experience just to be there . and to see black and whites,spanish,asian etc. unified on that great day. people were crying, laughing with joy etc. It was every kind of emotion on that day. I was just glad to be there. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

Molly Said on

Actually Samuel L Jackson was indeed there. I saw him seated pretty much right in front of the podium!!

sed Said on

I am a sanger and i need help to become what i want to do.

Puddles Said on

Molly…. are you sure that was Samuel or you just see somebody who looks like him?

shawn Said on

Oh he was there -he was denied access through our National Guard checkpoint at Washington Circle not once but twice, had he walked maybe he would have been there sooner, its cool he’s a movie star and all but he puts on his pants like everyone else, cry a little more !l Lots of people were turned away and they’re not crying- he ought be happy he was even there!

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