Screenwriter Sues Tyler Perry Over “Temptation”

Published by Smriti Mundhra on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 9:35 am.

(Photo: Paras Griffin /Landov)

Did Tyler Perry get tempted to steal the idea for his film Tyler Perry’s Temptation? A screenwriter from Gary, Indiana claims so.

William James, a small town scribe, is suing Perry for stealing the script for the critical bomb from him, reports TMZ. James says Temptation is a rip-off of his script Lover’s Kill, which he wrote in 2009. The synopsis for James’ original work is a woman, tempted by a man who ruins her picture-perfect marriage.

Um, isn’t that a tale as old as time? If James intends to pursue this in court, he’ll have to name virtually every author, screenwriter and filmmaker in history as co-defendants.  To make matters worse, James admits he doesn’t even know if Perry ever read his script. He submitted it blindly to Oprah Winfrey, hoping it would reach Perry.

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spencer Said on

And this is why guys like Mr. Perry will not look at other peoples work because of dummys like Mr. James. Here you are with a bomb screenplay You Know Mr. Perry would like but will he even look at it? NO and the above tragedy is why. Mr. Perry I love YOUR work and so sorry you have to go through this *#@%.