Spike Lee Applauds Sean Penn

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, August 9, 2010 at 11:59 am.

Remember back in the ’80s when Sean Penn used to bash paparazzi for taking photos of him and his then-wife Madonna? Well, the Oscar winner has channeled all of that energy into activism, from New Orleans to Haiti. As we all know, Wycelf Jean is running for president of Haiti, but Sean Penn questioned Clef’s intentions.

Recently, Spike Lee spoke about Sean while promoting his latest HBO documentary, If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise. The film icon said, “Sean Penn doesn’t live in the United States any more. He lives in Port-au-Prince. That’s his life now, trying to get this country on its feet. I have to commend him for that. He’s not living in a palace, he’s living in a tent. I know because I slept three nights there. It’s a tent-tent. He’s put in his dues and time to speak about Haiti.”

Penn is the co-founder of J/P HRO Haitian Relief Organization and approximately 50,000 survivors of Haiti’s earthquake live in a camp set managed by Penn. Gotta give congrats where it’s due!

Spike Lee’s If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don’t Rise is a four-hour documentary on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and airs August 23rd and 24th on HBO.

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bajanplum Said on

I thank you Sean Pean for all that you have done and are doing in Haiti. You are doing an awesome and tremendous work in that country, it cannot be ignored.

Nafis Said on

Sean Penn is a remarkable individual for giving so much to the country of Haiti. Its Americans like Sean Penn that make me proud!!!! Has anybody visited http://www.soundclick.com/philadefentertainmentllc

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