Submit Questions for Nia Long

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, October 5, 2009 at 2:16 pm.

nialongThis week, I’ll be interviewing the legendary Nia Long for Chris Rock’s upcoming film Good Hair, which is in theaters this Friday, October 9th. Let us know what questions you have for the Hollywood veteran.

Submit your questions in the comments and check out the trailer below!

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CF Said on

Nia, what do you think is Black woman’s toughest challenge when it comes ot our hair?

Rhonda Said on

1.We want to see Nia in another movie when is she coming back to the big screen? 3 minutes ago

2. What do you think the hardest part is of being an actress and a Mom, and how do you balance it?

3. If you could work with anybody on a new movie who would it be and why?

Jackie Said on

How do celebs like yourself find their stylist? and my husband wanna know how do you keep it sexy for so long Ms.Long?

Rhonda Said on

4. What type of film do you prefer now days, comedy, drama etc….?
5. Who is your favorite actor?
6. Who do you draw inspiration from when playing characters?

Okay I’m going to shut up now, let someone else get a chance I just love Nia, ever since “Fresh Prince ” she is such a powerful force, much love, and success to her.

Rhonda from St. Louis :)

Kaileesha's bday Said on

Do you think that making this flim wit Chris Rock was it unusual being it him styling hair wit other women did it seem uncomfortable? PS. LUV YA GURL!!!

Connie from Vegas Said on

Can someone please ask Chris Rock to do a film on why whitefolks go to tanning salons?

Gwen Said on

What is a average day for you?

jimmy Said on

i really dnt have any thing to ask u i just wont to let u know that your so sexy to me an i would love to have a chance wit u baby

Shawn Said on

Hi Nia! I’ve been a big fan of yours since BOYZ, & loved you in Made in America.I was wandering what upcoming projects you have, and do you plan to return to television anytime soon ala Regina king.Two beautiful sisters to watch on a weekly basis,THAT WOULD BE AWSOME!
P.S. Any plans to visit DETROIT soon?

Bforeal Said on

I would like to say that you are doing a good job in film making. I always support your work keep it up. One day i will have the chance to see u in person. Make it happen soon so i can wacth you on tv.

Leron Said on

when you are working is your son on the set or with the nanny and how do a regular guy with a ever day job meet a woman of your stature.

laquisha4 Said on

was just wondering if you are working on any upcoming movie?????

Bryant Said on

Do you ever see yourself doing a movie like Love Jones again? I truly believe that was your best movie just because of the on screen chemisrty .

BTW-Your Beautiful and I can’t wait to see on screen again…..

Ahmster101 Said on

why you look soo gooood?

monique Said on

You are very highly spoken women and mother. How do you hold up the single mom and working has hard as you do. And also the roles for black women are little how do handle that? You and Ms.Jada Smith are so much a like. Very strong women that have a wonderful heart . Dont change that the Ms. Long .