Superhead returns on DVD: Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jump Off

Published by Clay Cane on Friday, July 3, 2009 at 12:00 am.


Superhead is back and this time she is coming to DVD in Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jump Off.  According to

Go deep into the underworld of hip-hop groupies and video vixens where sex is the backstage pass and young ladies use their bodies as a way to promote themselves and further their own careers. Narrated by top talk radio personality Wendy Williams, Kiss and Tail: Hollwood Jump Off takes a provocative look at the seedy side of the music business where hip-hop groupies pay a high price to get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle. Hear the real, raw truth about the groupie lifestyle from the scene’s biggest stars, including Ja Rule, Big Boi, Akon, Juelz Santana, Twista and more, and get the inside story from one of hip-hop’s most notorious femmes, Karrine: Superhead Steffens. Reenactments show how Karrine sexed her way through the hip-hop world, climbing her way up the ladder before crashing to the bottom. Now a bestselling author, she’s still kissing and telling, but the huge stars she allegedly bedded are telling their side of the story.

Wendy Williams narrating?  Reenactments?  I wonder if the reenactments will be as realistic as the days of Rescue 911?   I digress.. Karrine “Superhead” Steffens is milking this gig for everything that it’s worth.  Well, if you didn’t get enough of the books, interviews, TV specials and more — you can pick up the DVD on Tuesday, July 14th.

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kambuib Said on

I wonder if she was an intern?

Carlynn Said on

this girl need to get the hustler of the past 2 yrs award

mollie Said on

This girl need help!

Quana Said on

i cant wait 2 read it…..she is really tough 4 dis 1!!

Smiley Said on

This lady need help…no she need prayer!

beion Said on

I knw dis going to be guuuud…….cant wai to c it but shid she is kinda crazy!

David Said on

a disease infested skank prostitute with no class. she slept with 20,000 dudes.

Janice Lanier Said on

Can she still move her mouth??

Lisa Said on

leave her along she’s venting. Maybe now she can move on, move on girl, move on.

hamody Said on

hey bet sewwty i like u

tay Said on

she may have been with a lot of guys people need to stop hating on her cause she doing her she making money so what are you doing nothing but talking about people so let her do her and you do you

Craig Said on

My girl making that PAPER.

mason Said on

get that money girl. i anit mad at ya

mason Said on

she gettin paid i anit mad at ya

VK Said on

Oh boy, I see a reality series in the works. I see the title coming right now like an old 1970’s Saturday morning cartoon show: SUPERHEAD & THE SUPER SKANKS!!

K. Willis Said on

so what

ashley o Said on

u would think that after the books success that she would do something to EMPOWER WOMEN instead of just degrade them even more…such a disgrace to the black community…

iiirene Said on

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Czjcaujx Said on