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Movie Review: ‘Unstoppable’

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 9:36 am.

Summary: Based on a true story, a runaway train is on the loose at full speed with no conductor on board due to an incompetent engineer.  The train goes from a “coaster” to Speed meets Maximum Overdrive drama.  On board are tons of toxic materials and this locomotive is on a war path — a train full of children, manic horses and an entire Pennsylvania town are all in danger!

If train number 777 derails in the wrong area, it would be like a missile with toxic chemicals exploding — and there is a sharp corner ahead that will throw the locomotive off the tracks. Someone must save the day!  Who will it be? Well, there is Denzel Washington’s character, railroad veteran Frank Barnes, and a conductor played by Chris Pine.

Review: One can’t help but give Unstoppable the side-eye, considering Denzel Washington just did 2009’s Taking of Pelham 123 with a similar plot and same director, Tony Scott.  Once upon a time Denzel was on a roll with the cop characters, now his most recent passion seems to be the blue collar man. Similar to Pelham, this is all about the average American, wronged by corporations and they show their patriotism on this one apple pie day. With its safe and non-threatening political commentary, it’s the type of film that Sarah Palin and President Barack Obama could agree on.  I could hear Palin now in 2012, “I will be unstoppable like the real Americans in Unstoppable!” But, I digress…

For a movie about a speeding train, Unstoppable moves slow at times, but just like Pelham, when the speed picks up, it results in a fun ride for moviegoers.  Unlike Pelham, there is a  danger missing without a villain.  John Travolta made the 2009 film as an arrogant terrorist.  Here, we just have a train that won’t stop.

It’s a little surprising that Denzel Washington, Chris Pine (who is a mega-star after Star Trek) and the always likable Rosario Dawson, as a train traffic manager, would be in such a mediocre film. There isn’t anything memorable or blockbuster about Unstoppable, which I am sure was obvious in the script that has a storyline we have seen a billion times.  That said, the cast makes the film work right to the last frame.  With good acting and a strong build of conflict, you are rooting for the characters.

Overall, Unstoppable is here just to entertain.  It’s a great date movie or family film.  Sure, within the first five minutes you know the beginning, middle and end, but you still a get fun ride in a quick 95 minutes.  Now, if you want a dramatic train ride, I can recommend some subway lines on New York’s MTA that will give you the thrill of a lifetime!

Unstoppable is in theaters tomorrow.

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Celeb News: Dawson, Mackie and Perry

Published by Clay Cane on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 12:00 am.

tylerperry2Word on the street is that Rosario Dawson has signed on for Denzel Washington’s new film Unstoppable.  As previously reported, Unstoppable was a go then stopped — however, after some negotiations the flick is back on its feet.  Now, the cast includes Rosario Dawson, Chris Pine and of course Denzel Washington.  Unstoppable is in theater November of 2010.

Anthony Mackie, who has received rave reviews for his performance in The Hurt Locker, has recently been cast in The Adjustment Bureau.  According to Variety:

The Adjustment Bureau,” adapted from Philip K. Dick’s short story, centers on a smooth-talking congressman whose political future is thrown in doubt by the arrival of a mysterious ballerina in his life.

Mackie is appearing in “The Bacchae” in Gotham as part of Shakespeare in the Park.  ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ will shoot in New York immediately following the wrap of the play.”

In other news, Tyler Perry has been a victim of Craigslist fraud. According to his web site:

I get an email from my staff saying that someone put an ad up on Craigslist saying that I was casting a movie in L.A., and in order to be considered for this (FAKE) Tyler Perry movie, you have to join their club for $29.95. THAT IS A LIE, don’t fall for it. These folks are trying to rip you off. I hate for people to prey on people’s dreams and hopes. Why don’t people get a job and stop trying to steal folks’ hard-earned money….Ugh, that makes me mad; let me breathe.”

Be on the look out actors — dreams can’t be bought on Craigslist!

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Movie Review: ‘Explicit Ills’

Published by Clay Cane on Friday, March 6, 2009 at 12:01 am.

illsIn a time of extreme economic hardships and also thankful optimism due to President Obama, Explicit Ills comes with perfect timing. Based in Philadelphia, which some say is experiencing near third-world poverty and violence now, the movie tells four interconnected stories of love, drugs, abuse and poverty.

Explicit Ills is sharply executed by director and writer Mark Webber, who is from North Philadelphia and was raised by a single mother. Without exploitation, Webber captures the grit of Philly, through paintings, hip hop and snapshots. His script is solid and the actors are stronger. Still, even with all its good intentions, there are moments when Ills lacks the punch it so needs. Telling four stories in less than 90 minutes is always a tough battle. Halfway through, the vignettes feel completely unconnected and some are downright unnecessary—especially that of the drug-induced suburbanites. Read the rest of this entry »

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Movie Review: Seven Pounds

Published by Clay Cane on Friday, December 19, 2008 at 12:06 am.

Summary: An emotionally distraught man tries to redeem his life by doing extreme good deeds for strangers.

Review: The good, Will Smith is a brilliant actor.  The bad, Seven Pounds isn’t nearly as brilliant as Will Smith.  Seven Pounds is one of those oddball movies that have all of the elements of a stellar film — high budget, amazing cast, and a talented director (Gabriele Muccino who directed Smith’s Oscar-nominated role in Pursuit of Happyness).  However, even with its lofty symbolism of jellyfish, health issues, and sibling drama — the pounds just don’t quite add up.

Currently, Seven Pounds is thriving off its mystery, which might be the biggest flaw.  Marketing the “mystery” of Seven Pounds sets the viewer up for a completely different experience and will leave some disappointed.  Imagine going to see Soul Plane and you thought it was a story about the Tuskegee Airmen! Read the rest of this entry »

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