‘The Karate Kid’ Trailer

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 9:13 am.


The Karate Kid trailer has hit the web.  The film opens June 11th and stars Jaden Smith, Taraji P. Henson and Jackie Chan.  Only thing is — from the trailer, the movie looks nothing like the original Karate Kid from 1984. I am not sure if this is a remake or a completely different movie.  Even Jackie Chan was recently confused and told MTV.com, “I don’t know [what it’s going to be called].  Probably ‘Kung Fu Kid’ in China and ‘Karate Kid’ in America. Maybe a different title? I don’t know. But mostly we’ve called it ‘The Kung Fu Kid.’”

Nonetheless, check out the trailer below!

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Joey Justice Said on

I just watched the trailer and The concept is basically the same. Of course it’s not gonna look the same, it’s 2010. Technology people! Give This child the props he deserves. And Jackie Chan, great as new Mr. Miaggi. A perfect combination.

Lutonya M. Lang Said on

Looking forward to seeing this. You know he is going to have all the little boys signed up to Karate this summer lol

You know I am reposting

unknown Said on

This kid needs to be in school(he can barely read). He also needs training. He’s a spoiled brat!!!

Nesley Filsaime Said on

Good Morning! What the Flick! ‘The Karate Kid’ Trailer

Omsuhos Said on

does anybody know what the music in this trailer is called

H-Town Said on

That’s an ill thing to say about this child. Do you personally know him? How you know he can’t read? What make you think his family isn’t educating him, that’s a REQUIREMENT not a chose?

I think the movie would be good for kids of all ages. American give your support because as one person has stated, this child can’t read. Support our schools, can’t have our babies not reading. LOL….

Jaden Said on

It may end up being called “the kung-fu kid” according to jackie chan. (http://jadensmith.org/?p=25) – - – good to see people not putting down the idea of the movie. It’s actually quite different from the original. It’s also going to go head-to-head with the A-Team remake; both are opening on the same day! Going to be a greta big 80’s day at the theatres =) I like Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan’s casting. Breaths some new life into it.

Shareef Muhammad Said on

It looked like he actually knew Kung Fu.