This Day in Film: ‘Made in America’

Published by Clay Cane on Friday, May 28, 2010 at 8:48 am.

made_in_americaBefore Will Smith was a major movie star he was doing supporting roles in films like 1993’s Made in America, which starred Ted Danson, Whoopi Goldberg and Nia Long. Seventeen years ago today, the film hit theaters and brought in $12 million opening weekend. Worldwide, Made in America earned $100 million and was a bonafide hit movie with a majority Black cast.

Made in America follows the story of Zora Matthews (Nia Long), a teenager who is searching for her father — her mother Sarah (Whoopi Goldberg) conceived her by artificial insemination. In her search, Zora finds out that her father is White (Ted Danson). Sarah is shocked because she asked for a Black sperm donor and Danson’s character is a car salesman who doesn’t have the best manners. Will Smith plays Nia Long’s boyfriend.

The film was met with majority good reviews and legendary film critic, Roger Ebert, said in his ‘93 review, “Made in America, a movie that could have been all over the map emotionally, but turns out to be surprisingly effective.”  He also praised Goldberg’s performance.

Made in America is often a film that is forgotten. But, it is part of the beginning of Black films that came out in the ’90s that brought in money at the box office and showed that Black actors are profitable.

If you don’t remember — check out the trailer below!

MADE IN AMERICA: Movie Trailer – Watch more top selected videos about: Movie_Trailers, Made_In_America, Jennifer_Tilly, Nia_Long, Paul_Rodriguez, Ted_Danson, Whoopi_Goldberg, Will_Smith, Richard_Benjamin

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