This Day In Film: ‘Six Degrees of Separation’

Published by Clay Cane on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 12:00 am.

Sixteen years ago today, Will Smith’s film, Six Degrees of Separation, hit theaters across the nation. In 1993, Smith was already a household name with Grammy winning hip-hop songs like “Summertime” and starring in NBC’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The teen dream took an extreme risk in Six Degrees of Separation, playing a gay man who cons an Upper East Side couple by perpetrating as Sidney Poetier’s son.

Smith was praised across the board for portraying a role that was out-of-the box for his hip-hop and television persona. Variety raved, “Smith proves himself an extremely charismatic presence, convincing in his sincerity and cunning in conveying his ability as a human sponge.”  Even recently, in a review for the DVD release, praised, “A humble actor in a serious role.” Six Degrees of Separation racked in over $6.45 million dollars and would rank 133 at the box office for 1993.

Smith’s next film, 1995’s Bad Boys, began an endless string of blockbusters. It’s easy to see why 15 years later Jada’s man is the only actor in history to have eighth consecutive films gross $100 million.

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sz Said on

will is great!!!

deborahmiles Said on

will is the best

anthony casey jr Said on

You will smith is the best actor I ever seen on tv or movies and everyone in the movie industry never see that will puts his heart into every role he plays am tried of these big movie awards events one that I hate the most for not giving him a chance for his role in “I am legend” is the academy awards they over looked him they put that dam crap juno ahead of him its like they have no respect for great actors, lead a lone black actors like come on the people they put up that was black actors no disrespect that they put up there was actors that disrespect again white people would want to see black people play “one” “training day” a bad guy going aganist a white guy getting what he deserve in the end why did he had to be crooked “two” halley berry sleeping with a white dude or the nude sence in “monster ball” why she had to take her clothes off for them to see her talent and “three” “ray” with jamie foxx druged up, sleeping with different women how ray treated his family plus he had to be blind for them to see his talent all of these people been had talent before these parts came up and good movies they played in will should of been wining those awards 7 pounds a man like me almost cryed, pursuit of happyness another one that really made u look at his acting and at life and made u appicate both at the same time, hancock another great movie will knows how to step in each role and blow it away am just fed up with these award show never looking at this man with respect. To will am your biggest fan just keep doing your thing in my heart you already won

Lenette Said on

My homeboy is awesome! He makes us all proud as he continues to be a great husband, father, son, friend and humanitarian.

“The most improtant thing to remember is this: To be ready at any moment kto give up what you are for what you might become.”

yva Said on

hey will i like you and specile in bad boy 1 and two keep it up and u are number #1 i want to meet you someday you are idol

pretty girl Said on


angela Said on

It’s television you can be play a roll as anyone these days. Will your great”"”"

James Smith Said on

Great Movie indeed. Check out latest Avatar Movie. Its just awesome.

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