This Day In Film: “What’s Love Got to Do with It”

Published by Clay Cane on Friday, June 8, 2012 at 12:00 am.

(Photo: Touchstone Pictures)

This weekend, marks the anniversary of the biopic on the legendary Tina Turner, which was based on her autobiography I, Tina.

Everyone in Hollywood knew playing the role of Anna Mae Bullock also known as Tina Turner would be award-worthy.  By the early 1990’s Tina was already a legend, respected in every musical circle across the world — one could only dream to play her life story. So, nearly every Black actress sought out the role: Jenifer Lewis, Robin Givens, Janet Jackson, Pam Grier, Halle Berry and Whitney Houston.  The role was offered to Whitney, who had huge box office success with The Bodyguard, but she turned down the part due to pregnancy.

Eventually, the role was given to Angela BassettLaurence Fishburne rejected the role of Ike Turner five times until he learned Bassett was the lead. Cinematic history was made…

Met with controversy and criticism, What’s Love Got to Do with It was a box office smash.  The movie grossed nearly 40 million domestically, won Angela Bassett a Golden Globe and received two Oscar nods.  In addition, the film helped to invigorate Tina Turner’s career, which was already pretty hot.  What’s Love Got to Do with It is one of the greatest biopics made and considered a true classic.

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Matthew Alexander Said on

My favorite movie of all time!! Great post! Thank! :)

PattiCake33 Said on

Just watch this about a week or so ago on LifeTime, I’m glad Tina left, domestic Violence is NEVER okay…. i guess I’ll go and get the DVD because I had it on VHS….twitter me PattiCake33

Delicia Said on

That is a movie I can watch over and over again. It is one of my all time favorites. Not one you let someone borrow, you got to get your own!!

tanaya Said on

I just love this movie,I know it by heart and everytime I watch it I just want to kick Ike’s ass,but it’s only a movie,but the movie was great with talented actors and it will always be favorite of mine

ImJustSaying Said on

“Annie Mea Bullock” luv it luv it!!!!

mzphat89 Said on

don’t get me wrong whitney my girl but im truely glad she couldn’t take the park otherwise we wouldnt have had the joy of the amazing portrayal done by Ms.Angela i felt like she took that role personal and truely capture the essence of the life of Ms.Tina this movie is not only powerful its enlightening because it shows that through love and life you have to get out of abusive situations like that find help and the support of family and build a better life for yourself and NEVER look back

Kalebarkab Said on

I want to find good pop music. Help me please.

Brittany Said on

This is one of my fave movies of all time. I have to watch it everytime it comes on, which I’m sad to say isn’t often.