Twilight Fans Were Upset With Black Vampire

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 1:02 am.

TwilightYesterday, I attended a screening of the sequel to Twilight, the  highly anticipated New Moon, which is in theaters this Friday. Like most vampire movies, Black people are little to none, but there is one loc-headed vampire who was in the first and this new installment. Edi Gathegi is vampire Laurent and in an interview with Black Voices the actor revealed he received backlash about his color from some Twilight fans:

“There was actually some fan backlash when I got cast, because people didn’t see Laurent being black. In the book, he’s described at being olived-toned, and I decided to address the issue head on. I did an interview where I said, ‘The character is described as olive-toned, but there are many patches of olives. Black olives anyone?’ I think the fans responded to that, and they immediately gave me an open reception after the interview. I think that they did a great job in casting colorblind, because it makes it more accessible to many groups of people, and for African Americans to see me in the film, they know that they are being represented.”

What a shame Edi had to justify his validity in a movie with an example of olives because some “fans” cried they wanted everyone pale and White.  Furthermore, when is there racial strife among vampires?  Aren’t they soulless, but somehow sexual, bloodsuckers?  Lawd…

Oh, and if you are wondering, the kid who has a serious brown tan, Taylor Lautner (for a minute, I thought he was pulling a Jessica “Don’t Call Me Latina” Alba), is not Black or Latin.  According to Wikipedia he is, “mostly Dutch, French, and German descent, and claims some Native American (specifically Ottawa and Potawatomi).”  He got Indian in his family?!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a full review of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.


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Alex G Said on

For these fans, it’s not about him being black… if the character was extremely pale and white or had the wrong hair or eye color, they would have a problem. It’s about staying true to the characters appearance- only they’re so weird they make a huge deal about it. Personally I look more at the character, not so much the appearance, esp. in a character that isnt apart of the core group in the books. Like i said… it has nothing to do with Gathagi being black or the fans being racist. They’re just extreme.

Petal Said on

I did not know about twilight before i saw the 1st installment and Gathagi was brilliant , he captured my attention. I don’t believe he has to explain himself about being casted as the “olive- toned” character simply because his acting overshadowed the minor pre- requisits of the books. Some fans want too much and they will always find fault. @ Gathagi, i applaud u for taking the role and making it your own.

jeleah Said on

man, people are so racist! it doesn’t even matter if you are black or white. all that matters is that you played the role right! and you did a wonderful job! be proud!

Andrew Shawe Said on

I’m sure I’m going to see it. And, I think its going to be a great movie like the first one.

lisa Said on

i seen the movie it was soooo good everybody did a great job i can’t wait for the next one and the one after that.

Jo Said on

I think black people should stop consuming media that don’t care about their representation. Let’s white people live in their lily white world. Black people should stop trying to get validation from whites.

Whites will replace Asian character with whites all the time, I hate it when white people think they need to be the center of everything.

Tashia Said on

I know that to this day a lot of people deal with racism in some form or fashion. How can you people be that way. How can you say that a vampire can’t be black???? Let’s examine the evidence shall we…..Queen of the Damned played the late and great Aaliyah…did a wonderful job as well other cultures….Interview with a Vampire…Antonio Banderas appeared in the movie and he is latin. Gathegi did an excellant job in the 1st. movie even though he wasn’t a central character. I love the movie and i’m a huge fan. I’m so in love with Taylor and Robert just as much as the next girl. So would you say since i’m black I can’t like them…..grow up people!!!!!

LisaB Said on

White people are weird, they get upset and wrapped up in nothing.

Ms A Said on

I love the fact that people of color, especially those of African Lineage (there is no continent call black) are respresented EVERYWHERE!
For centuries people have disliked people of darker skin hues (every culture).
I was excited to see a black man in this movie. Despite the fact that some would have us disappear, we are here and here to stay.

Chuck Said on

I was just glad to see the only black man in the movie killed. Now talk about a perfect world!

Kate Said on

The point is not that he is black, but that he clearly does not fit the description of the book’s character. I’m not a huge Twilight fan, and I saw the first film before I read the book. I thought he was one of the better actors in the cast. However, as a lover of books in general (more so than film), it sure does cheese me off whenever one of my favorite books is turned into a film and the casting is all wrong. When you read a book, you form a mental image of what a character looks and acts like. And when it’s a book you love, it is especially annoying when casting directors don’t follow through. So, while I don’t care about this particular character because I think the books are crap anyway, I understand why fans got upset. Sure you can have the knee-jerk reaction of racism, but note that fans where also pissed off that Nikki Reed was cast because she’s doesn’t have the same hair color as her character is supposed to have.

SomeCracker Said on

LisaB, you learn that racism from your parents? Parent? Single mother?

ghana Said on

its always got to be about color aint it?? get over urselves people..twihards love him! he was the perfect Laurent n i loved the accent…so hot!!
any1 notice the FiinEsss under that jacket ?? lol so sad to see him die!
love u Edi!!!! :)