‘Vanity Fair’ Cover Sparks Pale Outrage

Published by Clay Cane on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 2:15 am.

vanityfairIn one of the most diverse and history making years for people of color in film – Vanity Fair somehow missed the rainbow colored memo.  All over the web from urban to pop sites, folks are giving Vanity Fair the side-eye for their March issue that declares “New Hollywood.”  Sadly, new Hollywood to Vanity Fair seems a lil’ Jim Crow-ish.  The cover includes up and coming starlets like Abbie Cornish, Mia Wasikowska, Amanda Seyfried, Rebecca Hall and Evan Rachel Wood. What’s missing?  Well, despite the black letters on the cover — color is missing!

It wouldn’t have been a stretch to pull some diverse names into the mix like 2009 Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson, recent Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, Anika Noni Rose from The Princess and the Frog, or one of the hottest actress in the world right now (regardless of race), star of Avatar and Star Trek, Zoe Saldana.  Leaving all of these successful names out would be like doing a story on the “new face of politics” and not including President Barack Obama!

African-American films are making more money than ever and Black stars have proven to be bankable — especially more bankable than any of the women on the cover of this Vanity Fair issue (with the exception of the girl from Twilight Kristen Stewart).  A writer from Vanity Fair described the girls with “Ivory-soap-girl features” — wow!  That sounds like something from a 19th century slave narrative!

Did Vanity Fair miss the mark or just following the lily White tradition of their magazine?

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Todd Said on

I think that Vanity Fair missed the mark by not including black actors or actresses at all on their cover or in their story. There are many black people that they could have included on their cover and their story for “Hollywood’s New Wave”.

Ace Dei Said on

Some of those young women , I have never even heard of or seen before. They could have incorperated some many women of color. Beside all the beautiful young women BET listed- What about the actresses from the show “Glee” and the young lady from “Slum dog Millionaire”…….
Vanity Fair needs to be Fair about this issue and stop being so Vain!
Tsk tsk Vanity Fair tsk tsk