VIDEO: ‘Ghettto Physics’ Trailer

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 12:00 am.

Ghetto Physics examines the interplay between Pimps and Ho’s and how that dynamic is the simplest expression of how power is wielded in the world. Through examples culled from the Hood to Wall Street, the film shows how the same power dynamic repeats itself, be the players real-life pimps or corporate executives. It also demonstrates how this dynamic is so multilayered that it’s hard to see “the game.” Ghetto Physics initially takes us to the streets, where the literal pimps and ho’s play out their game, and then expands outward. Only it’s not just a movie, it’s real life and this analysis is increasingly relevant in light of the struggling economy, the Gulf oil spill, global ecological threats, healthcare and wars. Between interviews, dramatic scenes and satire, themes of empowerment and hope emerge, creating awareness of “the game” and empowering individuals to chose the role they play in every situation.

Directed by William H. Arntz & E. Raymond Brown, the film includes commentary from Dr. Cornel West, Ice-T and KRS-One. The film opens in select theaters on Friday, October 22nd. Check out the trailer below!

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