‘Why Did I Get Married 3′?

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, April 12, 2010 at 12:00 am.

Why-Did-I-Get-Married-TooWhy Did I Get Married Too? has only been in the theaters for a couple weeks and there is already talk of third installment.  Tasha Smith, who played the boisterous Angela, told HipHollywood.com that there is a strong possibility for Janet Jackson, Jill Scott and Tasha to reunite.

“I know that Tyler said that he feels that there’s one more in there. And, you know, knowing the ending… It would be great to get an opportunity to talk about these characters and play them again. I don’t know anything about ‘3,’ though. Tyler hasn’t given me any clue as to where he could go. I just hope he does it in Paris!”

Why Did I Get Married T00? has already grossed over 48 million dollars at the box office.

Would you want to see a third installment?


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Teresa Said on

PLEASE do a #3 movie!!!

jr Said on

and get me in the next movie and i am really looking forward to see part2 and 3 to since i did not see it at the movie espicially part 3

tre mcleod Said on

off course i wanna c janet and the rock hook up she plyed dat role if she doesnt get n awrd im cumin down dere n imma pull a kaynye west

Charlie Said on

I would definately love for Tyler Perry to make a Part 3.

unknown Said on

“Will the torture ever end? PEACE. “


Olivia T Said on

It would be nice to see how situations are wrapped up in a third installment.

marquita Said on

Ireally enjoyed the part2 so I would love to see a part 3,4 and even many more becauseTyler does great work and really enjoy his movies he puts it out their because people should no why that got married but sad to say some don’t that’s Tyler keep being bless and black people stop hating on Tyler he has his own money so why he needs Oprahs

CMc Said on

Yes! Yes! Yes! I would certainly go see part 3. Why Did I Get Married 2 was awesome. It was unpredictable and exciting. Not to mention Tasha Smith was HILARIOUS! I am anxiously waiting on Part 3…Come on TP we need a trilogy. ONE FOR THE FATHER, ONE FOR THE SON, ONE FOR THE HOLY GHOST! THANK YA…

CMc Said on

Janet’s performance was OUTSTANDING…..I am so proud of her! She showed everyone that she is truly a SKILLED ACTRESS!

aaliyah Said on

hi i wanna seeeeeeeeeeeee dis movie 2 cause so crazy cussing ,fussing drama and other stuff is going to be ondis show and tyler perry i love all ur movies’s so good luck for dis movie.

Tee Said on

I would love to see a part 3…too me it would bring CLOSURE! part 2 end like a cliffhanger for me….i mean you see Janet’s character breakdown but you don’t really know what’s behind it…i would love for him to go deeper in her character to kind of complete the whole saga…And i would love seen Tasha Smith as Angela again…Cause that’s my girl…I loved her in 1 & 2….and for your FYI “Unknown” Tyler Perry has his OWN money he don’t need Oprah to back any thing of his…Tyler been making money since he started his play’s back in the late 90’s….so if you don’t know what the HELL YOU TALK bout just SHUT UP or don’t comment at all!

david ramirez Said on

i love both movies please do a third movies

JLACHE' Said on

Just saw that movie and with the ending being the way it is, Mr.Perry should definately come out with a third part to the story, because to me the story seems unfinished. I don’ t know about anyone else but i, as a teenager, enjoy all Tyler Perry Productions!!!!!

gg Said on

i seen why did i get married too 4 times and why did i get married like 100 and 50 time i love the movie and it will alway be funny to me but why did i get married too was funny/sad i love that movie a lot and tyler perry rocks so yeahh if u dont like tyler perry u dont know wht u missing luv tht movie keep up the good work tyler

Brandon Said on

tyler perry born genius hes such a success when it comes down to movies and plays i like all of them can not wait if its another why did i get married because dwayne johnson is a great actor and im waiting whats gonna be in stores for marcus cuz his wife his crazy but i like her shes so awesome lol n a good way when i wrote shes crazy

natem Said on

Mr. Tyler Perry is doing his thing right now, so please keep the negative comments to yourself. I think it should be a 3rd installment. R.I.P -GAVIN!!!! It was better than the first one. U scored a touchdown with this one. Maybe i can be in the next movie as a extra

Vicky Said on

Pls do a #3. Part 2 was better than the first, but both were great. I haven’t cried at a movie in a LONG time. Very touching. Please!!! do a 3rd movie!!!

Tonya Boose Said on

I just saw Why Did I Get Married Too and I need closure. All of the characters ve left questions unanswered..I need to know. Everyone was awesome…Well done Ms. Jackson!!!!