Will ‘Precious’ Be Another ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, September 21, 2009 at 12:00 am.

preciousOprah Winfrey has already said that Lee DanielsPrecious is a modern day version of The Color Purple. There is an Oscar buzz for Mo’Nique’s performance. Now, Precious won the People’s Choice prize at the 34th Toronto Film Festival.  According to Variety.com:

Lee Daniels’ inner-city drama, “Precious, Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire,” nabbed the 34th Toronto Film Festival’s People’s Choice prize on Saturday.

“Precious,” starring Gabourey Sidibe, attracted mob scenes the likes of which the fest has rarely seen, thanks to producer Oprah Winfrey’s red carpet appearance and promotional push.

With Sundance’s grand jury, aud and acting (Mo’Nique) prizes already in the trophy case, the Lionsgate pic is solidly poised for awards season contention, if the eight-Oscar legacy of Toronto’s 2008 aud winner “Slumdog Millionaire” is any indication.

Precious also makes history as the first film to win the audience awards at Sundance and Toronto.

If Precious managed to snatch up similar awards to Slumdog Millionaire — like Oscars for best director or best movie — it would be a first for a film starring a predominately African-American cast.  As we all know, The Color Purple received eleven nominations and lost all of them.

Congrats again to another award for Precious!

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miss-bougieboo Said on

I love Mo’Nique so I definately want to see this. I think she is one hell of an actress. I especially loved her in Phat Girls

Yolanda Said on

I can’t wait to see the movie because the book is off the chain. I know with Oprah and Tyler Perry backing this film, it is going to be a hit. Pre congratulations to all the stars in this upcoming film.

Capri Said on

I cant waint to see this movie becuase Mo’Nique is a great Actress and i loved her in most of the films she stared in such as Phat Girls, Two can play that Game, ect…waitn for the movie to come to theaters.

sam Said on

not hardly, cause i would actually see this movie

BrayyWalker Said on

I Read The Book Not Too Long Ago And Its Absolutely Amazing! The Storyline Is Very Unfortunate; All This Young Girl Had To Go Through. I Am Looking Forward To Seeing The Movie!

david Said on

why they make another movie about Biggie Smalls

david Said on

cant wait to see this firm i no its the best ….love my girl mo nique she the best…