Woman Suing Over ‘Death at a Funeral’

Published by Clay Cane on Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 12:00 am.

You can just sue over anything can’t you?  A woman named Pamela Lawrence is suing the creators of  the two film versions of Death at a Funeral, claiming it stole from a book she wrote in 1995, Caught on Video … The Most Embarassing Moment de Funeral, July 11, 1994, Jamaican Volume 1The Hollywood Reporter detailed some of her complaints:

“The woman, Pamella Lawrence, is representing herself in court and has filed a lawsuit stuffed with outrageous claims, including racism, a plot to eradicate the female population of urban cities and allegations of inside jokes within the movie that were specifically intended to humiliate her.”

She also claims in 1998 she had a meeting with Columbia TriStar and left a copy of the book along with a videotape.  From there she was told to “get lost” and now her story has been plastered over the big screen.  Lawrence wants 20 million and 66% of the film’s gross profits.  The defendants include Sony, Columbia Pictures, Tristar, Target Media, Screen Gems, Lawrence Malkin, Frank Oz, Chris Rock and Neil LaBute.


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luccifer Said on

this movie was already done in a british version, they just switch the roles from white too black. the british version was way better, but i have not read the book mentioned………i always said do not do a remake if you can’t do it justice….