Would You Pay $20 For Shrek?

Published by Clay Cane on Monday, May 24, 2010 at 12:00 am.

shrek_forever_afterI remember the days when folks complained that $12 was too much for a movie — and “those days” weren’t that long ago. Now, some movie theaters think that $20 is a cool price for a movie, especially if it’s in 3D or an IMAX theatre.

Four theaters in New York City were charging $20 to see the final installment of the Shrek franchise. However, after a bit of New Yorker outrage a statement was AMC Theatres spokesman:

“Unfortunately, a limited number of theaters posted incorrect pricing for Shrek Forever After, which we immediately corrected. Any guest who purchased a ticket at the incorrect price can visit Guest Services for a refund.”

According to CBS News two theaters went down to $17 per ticket and two others went down to $19 per ticket. Not much of an improvement there!

Whatever the case, Shrek Forever After had a strong debut this week, bringing in $71.25 million. It’s the third biggest opening for 2010 (Iron Man 2 $128.1 million, and Alice in Wonderland $116.1 million). However, the last Shrek in 2004 opened with $108 million opening weekend.

Here are the top grossing films for the weekend:

1. Shrek Forever After, $71.25 million
2. Iron Man 2, $26.6 million
3. Robin Hood, $18.7 million
4. Letters to Juliet, $9.1 million
5. Just Wright, $4.2 million


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jr Said on

i mint i cant wait to i see it

Andrew Shawe Said on

I would like to say in today’s economical times what would constitute a theater to issue such a high fee if many individuals are presently out of work and use the movies to relieve themselves through movie entertainment as an example. Also, economically, overall if the economy (meaning work force) did not give a pay raise for individuals and if the movies do increase in prices then individuals will make more of a judgment whether they should afford to spend money on the movies or save it for another form of entertainment like video games or going to a club for other examples. The increasing of prices makes a business entities revenue generally more volatile. Thus, if this volatility is tremendous then more business entities will be out of business causing more individuals out of work. Lastly, its imperative for business entities to work in balance with the present economy generally speaking if they want to at least maintain their existence as a business entity. Remember, knowledge is power.