Top 20 Black Characters in Gaming: #11 Mike Leroi aka Shadow Man

February 13th, 2009

What’s up people. For Black History Month, we’ve decided to cull together a list of the Top 20 Black Characters in Gaming. Counting down from 20, we’ll be hitting you with a new one each week day until we get to number 1. Let’s get to it:

#11 on TGH’z Top Black Video Game Characters list goes to Mike Leroi AKA Shadow Man

Awww snap. We’re really digging in the crates for this one ya’ll. For the number 11 Black Character we had to go deep. Before I continue, I gotta say, this is a helluva list. For all those out there that really think that the majority of black characters in gaming are stereotypical, just peep this list for variety for your ass. Any one of these guys could’ve been played by a caucasian character, but the devs took a chance.

Granted these joints are sleeper hits, but they are ALL Quality. That’s at least a step in the right direction. Now just so you know, Shadow Man was a popular comic book before being a game. This one could’ve turned out so bad, but thankfully it didn’t.

We pick up this joint shadow man not knowing what to really expect. And right off the bat, we are treated to some Jack Da Ripper demon ritual and you already know that you are about to be in for some ish. Next we roll on the Man right after doing the deed, with what looks to be the local witch doctor. (Think the jamaican chick in Pirates of the Caribbean) She actually has to do it with him to receive voodoo power from him and remain youthful lol (look it up here).

Shadow Man aka Mike Leroi could’ve been some jive talking cat, or some dumb goon, but he’s not. He’s actually a former English Literature major and you can tell by the way he speaks, which is very intellectual and pointed.

What other game out there can you point me to that has all of what I just described going for it? Don’t sleep on this. Somebody out there that’s listening, pick up the Shadow Man license and give us a new game!

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