Ciara on Lloyd & Going “Hollywood”

Published by Runteldat on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 12:00 am.


Last fall, Lloyd made the blogger headlines after he called Ciara out for going “Hollywood.”

Although he later retracted those comments a bit, we’ve never heard Ciara really respond to them directly.

That is, until the singer joined Angela Yee of Shade 45 radio’s show, Lip Service, where she addressed that and the overall perception that the Georgia peach has gone straight Hollywood.

On Lloyd:

“When Lloyd made his public statement about what I was I found it interesting because I hadn’t talk to him so it kind of came out of nowhere for me. [My thing is] if we’ve had the moment to interact with each other and I’ve given that energy that’s one thing, but if we haven’t been around each other and you’re just saying that from nowhere at that time period I didn’t understand that.”

On going Hollywood:

“In reference to the Hollywood thing, I find it very interesting how because you live in LA you’re Hollywood. That’s what it seems to be from my perspective and I’m going to be complete honest with you – I’m there to work. At the same time I am in the world of entertainment and that’s one of the places [LA] that’s very helpful for your business. For me it was a business decision to stay there for the time period that I’m there, but I still own my place in Atlanta and I still own who I am as a person. I’m a southern girl in LA. I’m learning so much because it’s a completely different world.”

On her new friendships:

“What’s also funny to me is that people judge you by who you take a photo with or who they see you with. Now just because I hang with someone who appears very different from me doesn’t mean I’m changing who I am.”


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