Is Halle Berry “Horrified” At Kim Kardashian Dating Her Ex?

Published by Runteldat on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 11:50 am.

According to Star magazine (which is oh so reputable [insert laughter]), Halle Berry is vexed about her ex dating Kim Kardashian.

They say Halle is “horrified” at the thought of her daughter appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I don’t believe that one at all.

However, I could see her being like, “You go from me to her?”

Star reports:

“She was always worried that Gabriel was too young, but he insisted he wasn’t attracted to women who were younger than him. Now Halle wonders if he was lying and that she was too old for him all along!” Star’s snoop adds. “Halle thought she was the best thing that ever happened to Gabriel, but now he’s moved on to a much younger, more popular star and it freaks her out.”


Though she’s now in the throes of a red-hot romance with her Dark Tide co-star Olivier Martinez, Halle also has trouble accepting the likelihood of potential bonding between Kim and her only child; especially after learning of the Ray J-assisted sex tape that catapulted Kardashian to the stratosphere of pop culture superstardom nearly four years ago.


“Halle would not be happy to see Kim with Nahla. She wants her daughter out of the spotlight – not with a reality star that has been in a porno,” whispers the loose-lipped pal, with ties to both Halle and Gabriel.


But Gabriel, it seems, will not heed Halle’s wishes.


“He announced that he intends to spend Christmas (or would that be Kristmas?) with the Kardashians and he would be taking Nahla over to meet the whole family.”


If Gabriel and Kim ever do get married, don’t expect to see Halle making a toast at the wedding reception. Pals say the former beauty queen has nothing but contempt for her equally-stunning rival.


“Halle has problems with Kim’s porno past. She doesn’t even get why Kim is famous,” chuckles a Berry blab. (Join the club, Toots!) “Halle considers herself to be a classy actress and she can’t believe Gabriel would go out with a girl like Kim — a reality star who was friends with Paris Hilton.”

Equally-stunning? “Girl, bye.”


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