‘Basketball Wife’ Gloria Govan Explains Her Beef With The Show

Published by Starr Rhett on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 11:00 am.

Gloria Govan of Basketball Wives explained to VIBE why she’s so rigid on the show. She said that she wanted to be a positive role model on the show and expected the same from the other women, but she feels that they are the opposite. Here’s a snippet of what she said:

“When we were approached by Shaunie in the very beginning she told us both that it was going to be about positive women trying to step outside the shadows of their significant others and really try to bring a positive light to the basketball wives, because a majority of us are stereotyped as being uneducated nutcases spending all of our time shopping with thousands of nannies and very chaotic so we were excited,” Govan says, explaining the couple’s initial interest in her joining the cast. “Matt and I were both excited to show people that this is not how it is so I think when we saw the finished product we were like, ‘Wait a minute.’ We were trying to buy coffee and someone sold us tea. This is the complete opposite of what we were told the show was going to be about.”

She also called the other women “jealous and bitter.” If you’re not familiar with Basketball Wives, Gloria Govan is Matt Barnes‘ fiance and she’s the only woman on the show who appears to be in a functional relationship. The other women call Govan naive because she says she believes that Barnes is 100% faithful to her but fidelity is sadly not the norm in the NBA world. That may be true but it doesn’t mean that Govan is naive for choosing to have a positive outlook on her relationship.

Govan also briefly touched on the rumors that her sister (who is engaged to Gilbert Arenas) had an affair with Shaq while he was still married to Shaunie O’Neal. She said that it isn’t true and that she doesn’t entertain rumors because her main focus is breaking stereotypes about athlete’s wives:

“I hope people take away from [Basketball Wives] that although we are very fortunate, we’re not all gold diggers and some of us are educated. It’s not all glam and glitz like what’s portrayed, and we do struggle,” Govan tells VIBE. “Basketball wives are strong and we try to bring something to the table.”

Govan wanting to be a positive role model is commendable, but on the show it seems that she never really wanted to give the other women a chance from the beginning.

What do you think? Is she being naive about her fiance’s fidelity? Despite having valid points about wanting to break stereotypes, does she still need to lighten up when it comes to the other women?


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disaya said on May 19th, 2010

I think that Govan is a real woman. Just because it seem that she does not want to give other women a chance that does not mean that she is stuck up. She is not nieve about her relationship with her husband. Not all men cheat. There are still some faithful men out here in the world and i have one. I give all props to you chick for keeping all these women out of your relationship and staying focused. I send my blessing to Govan.

Shant'e said on May 19th, 2010

Just because she chooses not to dela with them doesn’t mean she is “rigid”. Perhaps she sees them for what they really appear to be. Misery Loves Company, and there is no telling what they may try to do to come in between her and Matt. Just look at the little episode with her and Royce!! She doesn’t need to go down to their level to make a point or explain who SHE IS.

vera said on May 19th, 2010

She is the only woman on the show with some decency and common sense, which the others lack. I commend her for making this comment.

rainy said on May 19th, 2010

I feel these people got married before the money and fame. some of them lost sight of the real world. people do cheat, but if you love your mate nothing can hinder that. When you let the fame and money go to your head then how are u ever going to be a role model. many people have money and dont have the fame, but they are real people at heart. one thing about money it can make or break you. it comes and goes. What i don’t like is when a person lose their own identity because of the money and fame. Love yourself and move on. God made someone for everyone. The key is are you going to stay with someone because they got money, then you are a gold digger and that applies both to men and women. strt over and impower yourself. always think you are worth more than being #2 in someones life because you are to scared to move on.

TWEETIE said on May 19th, 2010

her Fiance is MAN lets not forget that govan is not the prettiest girl either i’m sure if the right one approach him hes off to the races.She is stuck up for what idk because her sister is a %? & homewrecker so she shouldnt be all uptight, my suggestion is for her to leave the show because she cant tolerate it, i just hope her fiance isnt cheating because if he is she made a fool out of herself on national tv. i dont like her two faces self any way i hope he do cheat!!!!

Debbie said on May 19th, 2010

I LOVE her on the show! I think the other women are TOO OLD, to act the way the do..(he say, she say, OMG)! They act as if they are teenagers….who has never been in a relationship before!

Tatted Diva said on May 19th, 2010

Well, for the most part, I like Gloria and I love the fact that she stands up for herself. I also like the fact that she tries to distance herself from the drama. However, she was caught in a lie! The lie was she was on the phone telling Evelyn & Jennifer that she did not want to deal one on one with Royce, which is her perogative, but she then turned around and lied about it at self defense class. I do believe in my heart that if it wasn’t for Matt basically telling her to stay outta drama, she would be in it as well. Lastly, I love the way she is positive about her relationship. Keep up the good work in that arena!

mickey said on May 19th, 2010

Am I the only one who thinks it’s wrong her and her sister are with NBA players Matt talks about not wanting her with the other wives but her sister is the real *% and gold digger also Matt is to controlling I would never let a man tell me not to hang around somebody that would make me do it more.

Dez said on May 19th, 2010

Shaunie played all these girls and now that Gloria has come to realize this I think she wants out. But I’m sure they all had to sign contracts in order to be on the show and none of them probably knew what they were getting themselves into. From what I see on the show none of them seem to be REAL friends. It’s like they were told to hang out with each other, just so they can get comfortable with each other enough to open up. And why is Royce on the show, she’s not a wife, girlfriend, or fiance. She can’t talk about Dwight and she’s not a dancer on any teams so what’s her role? It’s like she’s just there for the other girls to laugh at when they get bored. Gloria leave this show or just don’t sign on for another season, that’s if it gets picked up, which I hope it don’t. Cancel this show ASAP. PLEASE!!!!!!

TG said on May 20th, 2010

Basketball Wives is just another ‘no-point-at-all’ reality show. I don’t like reality shows but I watch at least 1 or 2 episodes to give each one a shot. Besides LisaRaye and Tiny & Toya, they all disappoint. The most unreality of Basketball Wives is that only 1 cast member is actually a wife. Being an ex, dating, or being engaged does not categorize you as a wife. And the NBA cheerleader, WHY?! is she even there? Please take this show off the air and free up some space for real television.

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CJ said on May 24th, 2010

Who cares!!! It it there life. It is not our life. They have to go thru all of this mess in the public eye and we sit back and wait for the hot topics. I just feel sorry for the kids in all of this. This stuff is no different that a REGULAR person going thru relationship problems. Either you stay with the person and have trust issues or forget about what they did to you and get your life back together with the person that you love and stop outsiders from getting in your business. No relationship is perfect with or without money.

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